Reclaiming the Party II

I want to direct your attention to an important post over at Deo Vindice.  It includes an excerpt from a recent Rush Limbaugh program.  Although I don’t always agree with Rush, he and James Atticus Bowden outline the path conservatives and libertarians within the Republican Party must take if they want to reclaim the party.  At the end of the article, Deo Vindice boldly asks of our representatives, “Will you co-sponsor legislation to return Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare to the states – and govern with the powers as written in the Constitution?  Yes or No?”  It’s not a question for the meek, as answering yes will galvanize many foes against you, but it is question that must be asked nevertheless.  So who among us will champion liberty and limited government?  Who is worthy of our support?  Who will stand to reclaim the party?

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  1. Im glad you mention that, because i have been considering to myself, what could happen, if , as it appears likely, the public option will be forced upon us, and should public revulsion in 2010 and 2012 result in a turnover of Congress and White House.

    Fantasy perhaps, but would simply the election of a conservative leaning Congress and President be enough to undo the damnage, repeal any Federal laws and reprivatize the health care industry.
    And more importantly would such a government have the political will and spine to do so?

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