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Well, with only day left in the election, voters gravitate further and further to the Obama camp.  Even Virginia has slipped from a tossup state into the Democratic camp.  Although I see that McCain is ramping up is TV ads in the final 72 hours, it seems practically certain that he will be unable to overcome this gap.  Even Rasmussen Reports, who features McCain ads and anti-Obama ads on their website recently put Obama’s chances of victory at 85%.  If and when Obama does win, the blame game will begin.  Success, they say, has many fathers, while failure is an orphan.  Some Republicans pundits will blame conservatives such as myself for not rallying for McCain (or against Obama), but I steadfastly believe that if the Republican party nominated a true conservative rather than a liberal/moderate “maverick” we could have had a shot at winning.  It would have been tough, no doubt, with the unpopularity of President Bush, the war, and the economy, but there was still a chance of victory.  Senator McCain ignored the conservative base in favor of pandering to the liberals and the independents and we all will suffer for it tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I wonder what will come of an Obama presidency.  Government spending and taxes will increase, but what about foreign policy.  When the Republican got slammed back in 2006, the silver lining I hoped for was the end of the Iraq conflict.  After all, many Democrats, like our own Senator Webb, campaigned on the issue.  Unfortunately, we are still there in Iraq.  Ideally, I’d like to think that in an Obama administration diplomacy would replace the barrel of a gun approach favored by the Bush administration.  Will there be other changes?  You betcha.  The minimum wage will likely increase and there will be talk of a national health care system once more.  However, fellow conservatives, we must not become despondent or remain complacent.  We must shift the Republican Party toward conservatism if we want any voice or any true counterbalance to this cradle-to-grave liberalism.  Mark my words though, if we work together and promote our small-government ideals, we should be in prime position to make tangible gains in the midterm 2010 election.

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  1. I agree with you that the GOP should’ve nominated a true conservative, someone that would’ve provided a starker contrast to Obama. I’m convinced someone like that would be in a different position than McCain is now. However, we still have to count the votes, and you never know sometimes how things will shake out when voters are alone in that booth. In 2004, the pundits and pollsters were predicting a Kerry win, so I find your post a little premature.

  2. Although I know that assumptions about elections are not always right, (Dewey defeats Truman) I still remain fairly certain about tomorrow’s outcome. Should McCain pull out a win, I’ll be certain to write a retraction.

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