President Obama, please put JOBS under the Christmas tree this year!

VC Note:  I’m pleased to share a guest post from Melody Scalley, a Virginia talk-show host and entrepreneur who resides on the Eastern Shore.

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Unless you have a high paying government job, and even if you do, you are probably well aware that the majority of American’s are deeply impacted by the ongoing devastation to the United States economy since President Obama took office.

While overall the unemployment rate hovers close to 9%, minority unemployment remains consistently near 15% and these figures show no indication of significant improvement in the near future.  Meanwhile, the current administrations lack of a positive Energy Policy is not only hamstringing companies that could add much needed AMERICAN JOBS to the economy; it is also compromising our long term national security and unnecessarily delaying our economic recovery.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently released a report that shows the U.S. is on track to actually export a net increase in gasoline, diesel and other oil-based fuels in 2011 for the first time in 62 years.  This is due to the fact that while our economy is stalled, the economy in emerging markets is booming.  However these record exports are not forecast to continue.  EIA is also predicting domestic oil production will fall 240,000 barrels/day through 2012, mainly due to the continued Gulf “energy freeze” imposed by our current administration.

The United States has the highest standards for environmental protection in the free world.  Other countries do not endeavor to protect the environment for future generations as we do, yet their lack of concern for the environment will affect all of us.  We have the desire to be good stewards of the environment as well as the technology to extract our resources in a safe and efficient manner.  The U.S. also has the most stringent work place safety requirements of any nation.  We have the energy resources right here within our borders.  If President Obama wanted to put American’s back to work he has an entire industry waiting for the green light to help him turn around our economy.

I grew up in New Orleans and my Dad worked on the oil rigs.  I can attest first hand that oil industry jobs keep food on the table, the lights on and the rent paid.  If we simply used the God-given resources we have in our great Nation, many American’s would not be needlessly losing their homes and struggling to keep their lights on and their families fed.

We still import over half of our oil and petroleum products.  Instead of selling our debt to China we should be selling our OIL to China and reducing our national debt.  We do not lack the resources in America.  What we lack is leadership and the political will to demand our administration put forward an energy policy that is beneficial to Americans and the United States.  Let’s start the New Year on the right path.  It is time to resume drilling within American borders and stop exporting American jobs.

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  1. Though I tend to be supportive of President Obama’s policies (though certainly not all of them) – I have to agree with you on this point. There’s something to be said about how to approach energy policy during times of economic recession. Allowing oil/coal/natural gas exploration does generate jobs and economic wealth, and it offers a great short-to-medium run approach to creating jobs and boosting energy exports. That being said, I would argue that we still need to focus on developing better technology for alternative energy, nuclear, and natural gas. No, we can’t power the nation with only windmills and solar panels. We would be ignoring cold hard numbers if we tried go down that road. But we’ve ignored developing new technologies for nuclear power and natural gas. The U.S. has the largest amount of gas in the world – but we haven’t invested in better technology.

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