Politics at JMU

Today, students heading to the Commons at JMU were greeted by a warning sign.IMG_2696  Last seen in November of 2011, the Genocide Awareness Project hosted by the Center for Bio-ethical Reform had returned to Harrisonburg.  Like then, one major purpose of this group is to display graphic pictures of abortions to college students with the goal of altering perceptions on the issue.  As their thinking goes, it is far easier to support abortion until you come face-to-face with images of the practice.IMG_2700

IMG_2701Although spur of the moment, one student took issue with the display and staged a quiet counter protest nearby.

IMG_2697In addition, Students for Sensible Drug Policy also tabled at that location.  Offering students free hot chocolate and a more upbeat message, they attempted to draw attention toward their concerns; whether G.A.P. aided or hindered their activities is uncertain.

CBR will be moving on this evening but SSDP will return to the Commons again tomorrow afternoon, this time offering students lemonade.

Love it or hate it, it was another interesting day of politics on the campus of JMU.

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