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In my various posts over the years, I’ve made no secret of my support of Dr. Ron Paul and, even more importantly, the political principles for which he stands.  Therefore, I must say that I was pretty surprised when I got an email asking if I would collect signatures to get Newt Gingrich on the ballot here in the state of Virginia.  For those that know me, you are aware that I had a lot of respect for the former Speaker that morphed into fear/hate relationship stretching back to my earliest awareness of politics, 1994.  Although I would gladly sign any candidate’s petition to get on the ballot, be they Republican, Democratic, third party, or independent, asking my friends and neighbors to do likewise is another matter entirely.

However, the kicker in this situation was the promise of payment for each signature collected.  Heaven knows that it is an extremely tough time financially for so many Americans.  Personally, I’ve had to resort to creative ways to make money as I wait for the start of my next full-time position…whenever that will be.  So, flush with the idea of making a little extra money, I jumped at the chance.  However, while working in my current part-time position, I took a moment to reflect upon Newt Gingrich and my time in politics.

Gingrich is a man who I believe is antithetical to the idea of limited government conservatism, as well as morality.  He seems to advocate remaking society, the government, and really the entire world, not based upon the ideals of liberty, federalism, and personal responsibility, but rather on some sort of futuristic utopia (or dystopia) where Gingrich reigns as the intellectual and political overlord of the ignorant and savage masses.  He oozes hypocrisy writing a book entitled Rediscovering God in America in 2006, after having cheated on two of his wives.  Now maybe you think that he has changed his ways.  Well, if you may recall earlier this year he blamed his past infidelity not as a result of any moral weakness, but due to his overly zealous work ethic.

Even though I could temporarily put my political principles aside and more or less work for this man for the sake of badly needed cash, what would be the result?  How could I live with myself if my actions indirectly led to his election?  Like too many politicians in Washington who have fallen to the temptation, does wealth trump principles?  Who could condemn Gingrich if he or she sold out too?  Just because I have a very disappointing relationship with Ron Paul’s national campaign, cheating on him (and, more importantly, my principles) with his loose and immoral Republican half sister doesn’t reset the scales of justice.  Would every blog post I write from here on out be nothing more than a convenient lie that I tell myself?  Could I pass in front a mirror without pointing at my own reflection and scream “whore!  You are nothing more than a political prostitute”?

Although I will freely admit that I don’t know much about what motivates a person to enter the world’s oldest profession, I wouldn’t imagine that many people engage in prostitution because it sounds fun or offers promise of a stable career, but rather stems from a desperate hope to do anything to escape their present misery.  Maybe I’m being a little overly optimistic here (and/or naïve depending on your perspective), but there is no good reason why, as Ronald Reagan once quipped, the second oldest profession (politics) has to bear a “striking resemblance to the first”.

In the end, I couldn’t bring myself to help Mr. Gingrich.  I believe that doing so would have been a tacit endorsement of his campaign.  Now to my fellow activists and friends who did collect for him, don’t think for a minute that this article seeks to condemn your efforts.  After all, I doubt any of you have the same relationship with Newt that I have had, watching your political hero trample upon what you thought were your shared principles.

As you may have heard, Newt Gingrich will not be on Virginia’s March 3rd Republican primary ballot unless he mounts a successful legal challenge.  Although I doubt that whatever signatures I would have collected would have changed this outcome, I believe that I made the right decision.  The temptation always looms, especially in these uncertain times, but we all have to keep reminding ourselves that principles should not be sold to the highest bidder and honor is worth more than a ton of gold.

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  1. I ended up collecting 111 signatures, addresses and dates for Newt Gingrich. I had 112 but 1 was not registered. I did the petitions correctly. However, people in Southside Virginia that were not political operatives only got the signatures without the address etc. 11,000 were turned in, but 2,000 were not accepted. I also got a bonus of $50 for getting over 100. The money that I make will pay for my Christmas presents for my children and grandchildren.

    I do not have a problem with Newt. He is highly intelligent and able to debate Obama. He is also pro life and a fiscal Conservative.

  2. Josh, you did the right thing! But you may need to wash your right hand a few dozen more times after shaking hands with a Newt, however many years ago. I wouldn’t worry about you being a political prostitute. You just don’t want to catch any immoral diseases from political prostitures like Newton, the bloviating, globalist, CFR, narcissistic, egomaniacal, Trump-like bull crud artist that he is. He should run for the Pillsbury dough boy but probably wouldn’t make the cut because the dough boy is more of a family value guy, unlike the Tiffany traitor (to his wives and the Constitution) Newt needs to go bye bye from the American conscience.

    1. Good to hear from you.

      Yes, I’m not quite sure why social conservatives of any stripes would support Newt. Seems like that whole multiple affair issue would sink his chances. And as for the Constitution, well, he seems to view the document more as an inconvenience than anything else.

  3. Refreshingly honest. I had a chance to collect for one of the other candidates and just couldn’t do it. I’m very excited about our 2 way race.

    1. Yes. I’m hopeful as well. Will Paul be able to capitalize on the anti-Romney vote here in VA? I expect that the answer will depend on both of their respective performances before hand and their grassroots efforts in the state. Let’s cross our fingers.

  4. We need somebody in the middle of Romney and Paul. OrginaIly I wanted Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann or Rick Perry.

    1. Be it for better or worse, I believe that the GOP nominee will be one of the folks currently running and not some outsider. Palin hasn’t entered, Bachmann will likely withdraw early if she has a poor showing in Iowa and elsewhere, and without a miracle, I predict Perry will drop out either right before or right after Super Tuesday. But, we will have to wait and see.

  5. I like Newt Gingrich and am offended by the term political prostitute. None of us are perfect. Jesus is the only perfect person that walked this earth and He never ran for President. I am divorced so I understand why people get divorced.

    I do not believe in divorce. However, I don’t think that anybody should stay together where there is physical or emotional abuse. It is definitely possible to fall out of love with your spouse if they are mean, verbally abusive, controlling, physically or emotionally
    abusive. About 1/2 of evangelical Christian couples end up getting divorced.

    When Newt Gingrich was at JMU, I talked to him and shook hands with him. I was impressed about his high intelligence. I also shook hands with him at an event in Augusta County at Andre Viett’s home. I think that I also got some pictures. I need to look through my old pictures. I don’t have to wash my hands as Newt does not have any disease.

    1. The VA Conservative’s word choice offends me too. I have no great love for Gingrich, but calling anyone who works for his being on the ballot (much less his election) a prostitute is a very cheap and arrogant shot. I shudder to think of what epithets would be used for those who support Obama…
      While the VA Conservative beats around the bush, what is implied is “I’m faithful to true conservatism (which can only be represented by Paul), even at great personal sacrifice (earning money), and anyone who isn’t like me is a whore (ahem… ‘political prostitute’) who wants to escape their miserable life.” Sticking with the analogy of romance, the included picture and tone of the post seem more like a jilted lover needling an old flame than substantive political discourse. I wonder if the VA Conservative, presented with this post in the future, would simply take a note from his true love Dr. Paul and deny that he had anything to do with such spiteful stereotypes. Overall, a badly done post.

      1. It seems that you’ve missed the whole point of this article. The purpose was not to insult anyone or everyone who supports Newt Gingrich, but rather call to light the unfortunate circumstance of when one sells out one’s principles for the sake of money (such as the case of working for a candidate who is diametrically opposed to oneself). It is primarily a condemnation of what I might have done.

        As for specific terminology, you might not like the term “political prostitute”, but I believe the phrase quite appropriate to the situation. Candy-coating only gets so far if you want to get your meaning across. Nevertheless, unless I were to say nothing of any substance, it is impossible not to offend everyone sooner or later when discussing politics. I don’t make it a habit, but I cannot simply sidestep issues over due to a concern of making offense. You are welcome to your opinion, of course, in much the same way as I am entitled to mine.

  6. To reply to your reply, I guess I did misread your post. “It is primarily a condemnation of what I might have done.” Instead of insulting others, you got to publicly pat yourself on the back for not doing something – ‘At least I’m not a whore!’ – and get a few jabs in at Gingrich too. As for candy-coating, ‘sellout’ seems less hyperbolic and more accurate than ‘prostitute’. While ‘prostitute’ is devoid of a sweet coating, yelling ‘Whore!’ at yourself every time you see a mirror is laying it on thick. All things considered, you are indeed entitled to your opinion as I am to mine, and for that we both should be thankful.

    1. Luke 15:8-10. Although you may very well object to tying the scriptures to politics, for me, principles are more valuable than silver coins. If a person loses one or is tempted to lose one, shouldn’t we mourn the potential loss and try to right the situation? Along those same lines, shouldn’t the coummunity rejoice when these coins are recovered?

      1. Scripture is worthwhile in all parts of life, even the parts that are tough to hear. Luke 15 speaks not of lost principles but lost people who are sought more by God than those who have stuck to their principles. Principles are helpful insofar as they respect truth and show gracious love. In Matthew 21:28-32, the chief priests and elders are blinded by their rigid principles – Jesus says the tax collectors (the IRS and Fed?) and prostitutes will enter the kingdom before the principled ones because the sinners sought truth rather than purity. And Paul repeatedly speaks of not boasting about adherence to law or principles (Galatians 6:12-15). Purity is not an admirable goal in and of itself – loving God and others is.

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