Paul’s Virginia Adventure

On March 6th, Virginia voters gave Ron Paul his highest percentage of any statewide total up to that point in the 2012 Republican nomination contest.  But you do have to wonder…could Paul have done better?  Could he have actually won the Old Dominion?

3 Replies to “Paul’s Virginia Adventure”

  1. The “adventure” doesn’t end until all the Virginia national RNC delegates are determined and they cast their votes in Tampa.

    1. Eric, you are correct assuming the contest goes to a brokered convention. Yes, I have registered to be a delegate and strongly encourage other Ron Paul supporters to do so. Mainly throughout this month, cities and counties across Virginia are determining their delegates.

      However, if there is no brokered convention, then there is no more role for us to play. After all, there hasn’t been a brokered Republican convention in my lifetime or the lifetime of my parents.

      Thus all Ron Paul supporters should continue to do what we must because we can.

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