Pattie Announces

State Senate candidate Marshall Pattie on left
State Senate candidate Marshall Pattie on left

In Waynesboro yesterday, Marshall Pattie announced that he is running for the 24th District seat in the Virginia Senate.  A little over thirty people attended this brief conference.  Presently, Mr. Pattie serves on the Augusta County Board of Supervisors.

Since 1996, the 24th district has been represented by Emmett Hanger.  However, his support of a handful of tax increases over the years and his recent push for Medicaid expansion has drawn the ire of some conservative groups and voters.  He last faced a Republican challenger in 2007, when he bested businessman Scott Sayre by less than a thousand votes.

The timing of Dr. Pattie’s announcement might seem curious given that the Republican primary is almost a year in the future, but considering the rumors of two other candidates potentially challenging Senator Hanger, presumably Dr. Pattie wished to get a jump on his possible opponents and possibly clear the field for a one-on-one showdown between himself and the incumbent.

The 2014 elections may be far from over, but the 2015 election season has begun in the 24th.


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