Orndorff for Soil & Water Conservation Director

In about a week, Virginians have the opportunity to elect delegates, state senators, sheriffs, and a whole host of city and county officers.  Although most contests are uncontested here in the Shenandoah Valley, I want to draw your attention to one race in Shenandoah County.

Two newcomers are challenging the incumbents for spots for Soil and Water Conservation Director in the Lord Fairfax District.  I believe that Craig Orndorff is a candidate who deserves your support.

I’ve known Craig for a good many years now through our mutual involvement in valley politics and the blogosphere.  On my last trip to Shenandoah County, I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Orndorff speak about this position he is looking to fill, and let me tell you that I was impressed.  He possesses a very strong knowledge about the duties and responsibilities of the director and has a multitude of ideas for improvement over the current system.  He also demonstrates a real passion to expand both the openness and accountability of this position, two traits that are sorely needed at every level of government.

I encourage you to watch this video to learn a bit more as to why you should support Craig Orndorff for Soil & Water Conservation Director:

Although I cannot vote for him considering that I don’t live in Shenandoah County, I strongly recommend that my readers, friends, and neighbors who call the county home support him next Tuesday.

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