Organ Bill Struck

Yesterday’s piece on The Virginia Conservative regarding some rather curious potential changes in the organ donation process in the state of Virginia (HB 154) generated considerable amounts of confusion and anger.  I appreciated the opportunity to speak with Delegate Dickie Bell about this piece of legislation in addition to correcting an error I made in my article.

Picture from Delegate Bell's Facebook page
Picture from Delegate Bell’s Facebook page

This morning, as already reported by Bearing Drift, I have received a message from Delegate Bell stating, “HB154 has created a great deal of controversy and that was never my intention. I assure you that the bill will not go forward and I will strike it officially as soon as that is possible. Be advised that it may still show up until officially taken down in the process. My apologies for the confusion. I accept full responsibility.“.  Although I understand the need to spread awareness about organ donation, many of us were concerned that this bill would create many harmful consequences.

I thank Delegate Bell for his continued efforts on behalf of the citizens of the Shenandoah Valley as well as his decision to not promote this bill in next year’s General Assembly session.

In liberty!

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