One Less RINO

Well…I got home from work this evening and browsed the news.  What did I find?  Senator Specter of Pennsylvania has switched from the Republican to the Democratic Party.  Really his departure comes as little surprise.  After all, I would hardly classify him as a limited government conservative.  Remember, he was one of three Republicans who voted for Obama’s “stimulus package”.  He faced a conservative primary opponent his last election and only garnered 51% of the vote.  For the 2010 election, polls indicated that Pat Toomey (Specter’s 2004 and 2010 challenger) stood an excellent chance to defeat the senior Senator.

When it comes to the important issues of the day, I found myself disagreeing with the Senator on: abortion, affirmative action, immigration, McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform, and the minimum wage.  In order to achieve victory, the party must be about principles and the Constitution.  It is clear that both the Republican Party and the people of Pennsylvania can do better than Senator Specter.

True, this move causes the Democrats to nudge ever closer to the 60 filibuster-proof majority, but I think he will be as much a problem for the Democrats as he was for the Republicans.  Hurrah!  We now have one less RINO!

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  1. I concur,. My thoughts as well.

    Yes the talking heads are all stupidly abuzz about this, but it changes nothing, as far as ideology of the Senate goes. Spectre is still his waffely old self. He will be just as much a Dino as he was a Rino.

    What would truly rip the sink out of the bathroom, would be for Toomey to still beat him in November 2010.

    1. Wouldn’t it be great for Toomey to defeat Specter! Although I’ve pretty much stopped my volunteer efforts for campaigns, if I lived in PA I’d considering giving this fellow a hand.

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