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Readership has been up here at The Virginia Conservative these last several months.  In fact, November places first in overall visits per month with October clocking in at third behind January 2010.  Even though December is not over yet, it too is shaping up to be another well-read month.  Now you may have noticed that lately, I’ve been exploring a variety of ways to expand my audience.  After all, the more people you reach, the greater chance you have to make some sort of meaningful difference.

Well, yesterday afternoon marked my first appearance on the radio.  For those of you in the Charlottesville listening area, you might have caught me on The Schilling Show.  The show airs on 1070 AM WINA every weekday from Noon until 2 PM.  On this program, Rob Schilling, his guests, and his callers discuss numerous political and religious issues, as well as local topics of importance to the Charlottesville community.   Although you can also tune in to the program on the radio here in the Valley, reception is spotty due to the inference caused by the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Over all, I thought my performance went well.  Although, I’ll freely admit that pretty nervous before we started, I must say that I really enjoyed my time on the air.  I wish that I would’ve had a bit more time, as there were several important issues I would have loved to discussed, but I guess I’ll have to save them for another day.  As they say, time flies when you’re having fun!  If you are interested in hearing my segment, you can find in on the podcast section found here.  Just scroll down the page until you find my name and simply click on the playback format you prefer.

I want to say thank you again to Mr. Schilling for letting me come on his program and I hope that those of you unfamiliar with his work will take the opportunity to check out his show.  Although I don’t know the next time or place, I’m really looking forward to my next spot on the radio.  Maybe you’ll be able to tune in.

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  1. Even with all of my previous criticisms of the VA Conservative, I think he did a good job of emphasizing what he thought conservatism should be without vilifying those who disagree with him. If the blog was more like this interview, I could appreciate it more (in the VA Conservative’s own words, “Absolutely, absolutely.”).

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      Although this thought may come as a shock, my purpose in writing is not to offend, degrade, or insult any particular ideology (except maybe the neo-cons). Nevertheless, conservatives like myself are currently engaged in a two-front conflict; reclaiming the GOP from the neo-cons and defending the state and nation from the liberals/progressives.

      As I have said in the past, we, that is Americas as a whole, should be free to debate the issues of the day. Unfortunately, this goal is often difficult as even the smallest disagreement can turn into something very ugly. Most mainstream pundits have thrown this principle to the curb, calling their political opponents all sorts of names and doing their best to make them seem foolish. As you might know, I believe Sean Hannity and James Carville to be two of the, if not the worst, offenders. Then again, it is a fine line is it not? After all, controversy leads to increased attention. I remember one bumper sticker quite well, “well behaved women rarely make history”. Can well behaved commentators make an impact or will they simply be ignored for not be rude? Unfortunately, things are trending in the wrong direction.

      So, to condense an overly lengthy reply, my purpose is not to offend any person, but rather to spread my political message. Readers should always feel free to disagree. After all, no one is always right. Nevertheless, we are engaged in a critical struggle for the heart and soul of the party and the nation and so I cannot back down from principles. I do not believe that I have fallen into the gutter of baseless personal attacks and insults. I may have dabbled into the area once or twice, (and no, you don’t need to provide evidence to the contrary) but I’d like to hold myself, my blog, and even my readers to a higher standard. If you still don’t believe me, would you prefer it if this blog was more like another Virginia conservative?

      Anyway, as stated, being on the radio was a great experience and I hope the next time will be even better. Glad to hear you thought it went well.

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