Obama and the ‘burg

Barack Obama is coming to Harrisonburg today.  For citizens of Harrisonburg, this comes as exciting news as no presidential candidate has made a campaign stop here since Richard Nixon (at least that is what the local Democratic Party tells me).  Although most everyone in Harrisonburg knows these details by now, for those who haven’t heard, he will be speaking at the James Madison University Convocation Center at 5:15.  Doors will be opening two hours early and the building holds about 9,000.  I have been told that, like the crazed fans for Star Wars Episode I, students have been waiting in line by camping outside the event last night.  Although I hope to see the event myself, I surely will not wait even an hour in the cold.  Should the Champion of the Constitution, Congressman Ron Paul, visit Harrisonburg, I might brave the elements, but not for Senator (and likely future President) Obama.

Will you make the event?  Will you see me among the throng?  Only time will tell.  Hopefully I’ll have pictures and commentary to add.

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