No Political Distortion

With Election Day about two weeks away, you may be wondering why I haven’t been writing more about the election.  The answer is twofold.  First of all, I’ve been extremely busy with work.  I certainly wish I had more time to blog during a time like this, as the news is practically unlimited.  The second is that I’m a bit restricted about my subject matter.  As a result of my current employment I can’t write as much as I’d like about the statewide races or the House of Delegates.  Believe me, I’ve read, seen, and heard a lot that I’d love to share, but for the good of my work I’ve refrained from doing so.  The reasoning for doing so is that I don’t want this blog to be used against my employer.  This campaign is not about The Virginia Conservative, per se and the small potential exists for my writing to serve as a “macaca moment” for our opponents.  Now that’s not to say that I’ve been coerced into writing favorable articles about any particular candidate or issue.  I assure you that this blog has, and will continue to focus on my ideology and my understanding of current and past events and politicians.  Although I may abstain from discussing certain issues, I will not distort my politics under any circumstances.

Moving on to an unrelated subject, I wanted to share a few pictures with you from Sunday.  That night I attended a Social Distortion concert with a friend from work.  Of all of the iTunes that I play at both this job and my last, I’ve gotten the most comments/complaints about Social D’s version of Ring of Fire.  Although I’m sure most people are far more familiar with Johnny Cash’s version, is it honestly better or just different?  Decide for yourself.

Either way, it was a great concert and I encourage you to check out their music.

Social D 1

Social D 2

Only 14 days until the election so let’s get out there and win this thing!

4 Replies to “No Political Distortion”

  1. I must say, Im partial to Johnny Cash’s versions.

    There was always something in his music that seemed to naturally strike a nerve for me, growing up as I did in a railroad family. His sense of the common working man and the backwoods life style remind me of my father’s working career running coal trains out of the mines in southern Ohio and West Virginia. My brothers and I called ourselves B&O brats because all we knew until we left home was trains and coal mines.

  2. I like ’em both.

    We have more in common than I suspected. I’m a big Social D and Johnny Cash fan. Where’d you see them play? Sorry I missed it.

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