News & Advance Does The Right Thing

Lynchburg’s newspaper, The News & Advance, recently posted a poll regarding the U.S. Senate race in Virginia.  In it, they asked respondents if they favored Democratic Senator Mark Warner, Republican Ed Gillespie, or none of the above.  The only problem, as readers of the blog already know, is that they failed to include the third candidate, Libertarian Robert Sarvis.

Now, if Sarvis’ name wasn’t actually listed on the ballot, then excluding him wouldn’t be any big deal.  However, as I’ve mentioned earlier, the fact that Sarvis had to jump through the additional election hoop of collecting signatures from at least 10,000 registered Virginia voters, meant that his campaign was unfairly burdened.  And then, to top it all off, he is erased from debates and polls.

Well, as a result of this oversight, either intentional or unintentional, a number of folks, myself included, contacted The News & Advance.  Here is their reply:

Good morning,
You are absolutely correct that Mr. Sarvis should have been included. It was an honest mistake, not any deliberate act of exclusion. We have reset the poll results and added him to the choices.
Matt Busse
The News & Advance
Shortly thereafter, the paper changed their website to include all three of the candidates that will be listed on the November ballot.  If you would care to express your opinion on this race, you can do so at this link.
This isn’t so much a matter of political preference, but rather one of fairness.  I hope there would be an outcry if Mark Warner or Ed Gillespie were omitted too.
I was glad to see The News & Advance do the right thing.

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