Much Ado About Cuccinelli

Media outlets and political blogs everywhere have been buzzing about Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli since Monday’s court ruling striking down the heart of Obamacare as unconstitutional.  Although such news may come as a shock to some liberals, like the judge in the case, I think it is quite clear that the United States Constitution does not give the federal government the authority to force citizens to buy anything, let alone health insurance.  But, as there is already an overabundance of discussion on this topic, I’d like to switch gears.

Ken Cuccinelli has made quite a name for himself both in Virginia politics and nationally, first in our State Senate and now in our Attorney General’s office.  He has proven, through both his words and his deeds, that he is an ardent and effective conservative, a champion of the 10th Amendment, and a defender of liberty.  But one question constantly nagged me.  What office would Cuccinelli seek next?  Would he run for the U.S. Senate in 2012?  After all, the potential field is already getting crowded.  Perhaps he would make a move to join the ranks of men like Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe, becoming the next Governor of the Old Dominion?  Doing so would likely set up a showdown between himself and Bill Bolling.  Through recent statements, the Attorney General has left this potential door available.  Although I believe Cuccinelli could prevail, it could also set up a very ugly nomination contest.  I assume that many of us recall the feud between then Lt. Governor John Hager and AG Mark Earley that led to the victory of Mark Warner.  Still other pundits suggest that Cuccinelli should run for re-election to his current post.  Then again, given his increasing national attention, would an attempt to become the next Vice President or even President seem too far-fetched?  Well, about two hours ago, it seems that question has been finally answered.

Here is an email that I just received:

Dear Fellow Virginians,

Well, the liberals sure didn’t waste any time.

After news came out yesterday that a federal judge here in Virginia sided AGAINST President Obama and in favor of my argument that the federal government’s mandate to require you to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional, the liberals quickly began launching their attacks at us.

And they are coming after us with everything they’ve got.

So I’ll keep this short and sweet.  We are in for a long fight in this case that is certain to be decided by the Supreme Court.  And even though I strongly disagreed with the healthcare bill, our ongoing lawsuit isn’t about healthcare. It’s about liberty!

It’s no secret — I’m not the most popular person with liberals in America these days. The conservative leadership I’ve been working to provide in Virginia and across the country has drawn countless personal and political attacks from the left.

I’m encouraged that so many pro-freedom Americans – here in Virginia and across the country – have supported my efforts to stand up for our Constitutional rights.  But the flip side is that my political opponents are more determined than ever to smear me over the next 3 years and then defeat me when I’m next up for election.

That’s why I can’t just sit back and allow the left’s attacks on me to go unchallenged. And that’s why I can’t wait to gather the resources to fight back – so please help me by making a donation today!

I have kept my political committee open and active for three reasons:

1.    To give me the resources to respond when my political opponents attack me for doing my job … protecting Constitutional rights.

2.    Our side needs leadership now more than ever.  I’m trying to provide that leadership in Virginia and nationally.  Your donation will allow me to travel to provide leadership and campaign for good constitutional conservative candidates. We must increase the number of elected officials – at all levels of government – who will stand up for limited Constitutional government.

3.    And I must start building up my campaign warchest now in order to be ready for whatever the liberals throw against me when I run for re-election.

So please, make a donation right now to help me fight back TODAY by clicking here!

Make a donation right now!

Ken's Signature
Ken Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General of Virginia

Did you catch the answer?  “…When I run for re-election”?  So Ken Cuccinelli hopes to serve as our Attorney General for eight years?  Great!  I’m all for it.  Given his popularity, massive name ID, and the fact that Virginia hasn’t elected a Democratic Attorney General since Mary Sue Terry in 1989, barring any major setback, Cuccinelli should be a virtual lock for re-election three years from now.

Virginia and the nation need strong leaders who will stand for principle over petty political maneuvering and personal gain.  Conservatives must be bold and resolute, always defending our values and not caving in to the demands of “more government” simply because it is the easiest path.  As long as Ken Cuccinelli represents these ideals, I will proudly stand beside him, whatever office he may hold and encourage like-minded Virginians to do likewise.   KC 4 AG 2013!

3 Replies to “Much Ado About Cuccinelli”

  1. What an inspiration this man is. I am honored to know him personally. As an import from a third world country it is absolutely inspiring to see an individual fight so adeptly against a corruption & power grab which could signal the unthinkable end of Federalism! The Obama administration is attempting the largest overreach ever in U.S. history. The nomination of 30+ czars should give everyone a clue of how the Obama administration intends to circumvent the constitution. The selection of a Speaker Pelosi whose only qualifications for the job amount to being able to strong arm her caucus into submission (by now we all know how Math and Econ challenged this woman is….) underscores the thuggish approach. So yeah, we need men like Attorney General Cuccinnelli to fire back with legal, constitutional and rational arguments that protect our liberty and freedom. God bless him and all of those who protect our freedom. It would serve you well America to wake up from the stupor of socialism and government provided cheese….it can only take you to that place where many like me have left in search of liberty & opportunity.

  2. AG Cuccinelli is to be lauded for his committment to stopping Obamacare. We certainly do need more men like him in government.
    One thing I would like to see him change his position on is nullification. Mr. Cuccinelli seems to think this an unfortunate throwback to America’s ante bellum past. It would be very helpful to the state sovereignty movement if Mr. Cuccinelli embraced interposition as previous great Virginians Madison and Jefferson did.
    A sovereign state flatly rejecting national health care for the unlawful concept it is with or without the purchase mandate would be exercising its rights as a free state. Further, it would say what the resolutions of 1798 stated in simple terms to the courts and the general government- we dont need your permission to not be a part of unlawful legislation.
    If Mr. Cuccinelli would recognize that nullification rendered the Fugitive Slave Acts virtually unenforceable in many states and is used today against REAL ID and in those states with medical marijuana laws, perhaps he would feel more comfortable with this rightful remedy.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I think you make a good point here. Obviously there needs to be a check against the vast and unconstitutional expansion of federal power. The repeal amendment/nullification is one such option. I would like to see limitations for the use of nullification, but something does need to be done. I find it interesting that both Cuccinelli and Delegate Bob Marshall of Prince William County, both men who rail against the excesses of D.C., are also against the repeal amendment. Marshall explains his reasoning here. Though in the push back against Washington, I strongly believe that we should consider every possible avenue. I would rather err on the side of putting a bit too much power in the hands of folks in Richmond, or Nashville, or Boston rather than the feds, than not enough. You are right that nullification is legitimate tool that should be explored.

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