Morris & Schiff

Earlier today, political commentator and former Clinton consultant Dick Morris briefly appeared on Peter Schiff’s radio program.  Before I make a couple of brief comments, you should listen to the exchange.  I think you’ll find it interesting.

First of all, I find it strange that Mr. Morris doesn’t want to discuss the issue that Mr. Schiff brings up.  Instead, his only concern seems to be peddling his newest book.  Now why is the world would you be interested in reading his book about Obama’s supposed socialism if the author is unwilling to talk about the facets of this issue?

Second, Dick Morris makes a rather startling suggestion.  “We should drug test every high school student”?  Unlike the libertarians, I don’t believe that the solution to the drug problem in this country is to legalize every drug; however, I do strongly believe that such issues should be left to the states, not the bureaucrats in Washington.  Nevertheless, like Schiff, I don’t believe that drug testing every student is a policy that is responsible, cost effective, constitutional, or conservative.

Now some people make the claim that “if you’ve done nothing wrong then you’ve got nothing to hide”, but such an attitude is harmful to the liberty of the citizenry.  After all, I’m proud to say that I never took drugs while in high school.  However, even though I was clean and thus “had nothing to hide”, a school testing every student without probable cause is a gross violation of the privacy of the student.  Although I have heard that some people engage in these activities in the bathrooms, is installing cameras in these bathrooms a suitable response?  Yes, I’m sure it would cut down on illicit actions, but is it worth this “big brother” style invasion?  I’d like to think most rational people would say no.

So what is Dick Morris’ agenda?  As far as I can tell, it is only about making money through his books and getting more appearances on TV and radio to promote himself and his work.  It is hypocrisy to call Obama a socialist in one breath while you advocate a troubling big government solution just a few moments before.  Are the only two options left a big and intrusive government run by the Democrats (socialism) or a big and intrusive government run by the Republicans (fascism)?  Fortunately, there are a growing number of activists, libertarians and conservatives alike, who are working to purge the GOP of this Dick Morris style mindset.

Apparently I’ve got it all wrong.  Maybe if I just pretend to be a conservative and spend time with prostitutes I too will get a gig on TV.  Hey, it worked for Morris.

Thanks to Chris for alerting me to this video.

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