McCarty For YRFV First Vice Chairman

Richard McCarty with Ed Meese

On April 20th, delegates to the Young Republican Federation of Virginia have a number of important choices to make as they decide who will lead this organization into the future.

I’d like to briefly tell you a little bit about Richard McCarty, one of the two candidates for first vice chairman.

Richard McCarty is someone that I have known for quite a long while.  I first met him through our time in the William & Mary College Republicans.  Some time later, our paths crossed professionally again as we both worked to promote the pro-life cause at college campuses across the nation.  Over the years, he has proven himself to be a tireless advocate for a multitude of important conservative causes.

Now, Richard is running for the position of first vice chairman within the Young Republican Federation of Virginia.  This is a job for which I believe he possesses the necessary fortitude, conviction, and know-how to be a tremendous asset to the YRFV.

During my time in politics, I have been involved in a multitude of different organizations.  Besides writing this blog for almost five years, I have been an employee of the Republican Party of Virginia, proudly was employed as a campaign staffer for Dr. Ron Paul, and currently serve on the board of directors for the Shenandoah Valley Tea Party.  Although I only speak for myself on this matter and not any of these organizations, I firmly believe that the YRFV executive board needs someone like Richard McCarty.

Even though we do not agree on every single issue, I believe that it is impossible to find an individual who is more devoted to his principles and the organizations of which he is a part than Richard.  Let me add that I am pleased, not only to call him my friend, but also work alongside him in the fight for limited government conservatism.

For these reasons, I’m proud to offer my endorsement of Richard McCarty for First Vice Chairman for the YRFV.  I hope that the delegates will strongly support Richard’s candidacy at the upcoming convention on April 20th.

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