Maybe If We Don’t Mention Him…

One simple fact that I’ve learned from the Republican Presidential primaries of both 2008 and 2012 is that Ron Paul will win any online poll.  Now, there are a number of reasons why he does so well in an online format that I won’t get into in this piece.  The point I want to make is that just about every time he emerges victorious, the major media outlets will explain away the results or simply and quietly take down their poll.

Today, the website Libertarian News shows another favored tactic.  Over at U.S. News and World Report, they offer readers a choice of Republican candidates including recent dropout Tim Pawlenty and a handful of undeclared candidates like Sarah Palin.  The field isn’t too surprising as the poll was created way back at the end of February.  However, when scanning the list of ten candidates, one cannot find Ron Paul’s name anywhere.  So has U.S. News found a solution to the presumed Ron Paul victory?  Were they thinking, “maybe if we don’t mention him then some other candidate will win”?  Well, take a look at the results as of 9:15 PM EDT tonight and see for yourself.

Seems like a lot of people (67.8%), prefer someone else than the candidates that they have listed.  Now, to be fair, Gary Johnson, Herman Cain, and Rick Perry are excluded as well. However, I have to believe that the vast bulk of the “other” vote has to be for Dr. No, Representative Ron Paul of Texas.

Here is a note to U.S. News and World Reports:  You can try excluding Ron Paul, but the results will end up the same.  All that you’ve succeeded in doing is alienating his supporters.  Therefore your poll is and ought to be considered a joke.

Lastly, here is the kicker.  It may surprise you to know that freedom is popular with the online crowd.  Of course, so is Ron Paul.

Thanks to Jim for sharing this information!

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  1. I would agree that the media is trying to ignore Ron Paul, but I have to believe a lot of those votes are for Perry… Just saying since he just announced and has been picking up steam. Cain also does extremely well in online polls, so chances are the three each have about 20% of that poll…

  2. Rick Perry seems like the perfect GOP establishment candidate so far. He hearts NAFTA and trans-corridor highways and seems to like open borders, he is a state governor who loves the federal government and benefits greatly from policies and subsidies out of DC, he talks loudly about his religious values, but somehow seems to have a lot of moral and ethical skeletons in his closet, and he borrows good ideas from real conservatives like ending the Fed, repealing the 16th and 17th amendments, and supporting the 2nd Amendment — all without understanding WHY these things matter to the future of our republic. He may well be elected — the question must be “Shall we refer to President Perry as Bush IV or Obama II?”

  3. This reminds me of Let’s Make a Deal – the ‘other’ votes could be for Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mickey Mouse, or they could even be for a boat (you know how much we”ve wanted one of those!). While it is an error for Ron Paul to be omitted, it is also rather poor logic to assume that the curtain of ‘other’ hides a Ron Paul win with any level of certainty. The internet may be Ron Paul’s battleground, but it is also the place where people pick Atlas Shrugged and Battlefield Earth as the greatest novels of the century in a Modern Library poll, which seems a bit off of popular consensus to me. While his supporters will cheer on with the support of internet polls and boo the lack of media coverage, in the end they may just end up getting ‘zonked’.

  4. @dettmermichael
    I’d agree, except that once you leaf through the comments there, all 105 pages (as of today), you will see that almost all of the “other” votes are for Dr. Ron “Other” Paul.

    1. It is true that most of the comments that I saw from a brief read through were for Ron Paul. That still doesn’t assure us of anything other than that Ron Paul has supporters who would write a comment. What of a Rick Perry or Herman Cain or Gary Johnson or Mickey Mouse supporter? Are they the kind of people to just vote and not comment? There’s no vote totals on the graph of results other than a percentage for each candidate, including ‘other’. There could be many vocal Ron Paul supporters, but there could be many more voting but less vocal Gary Johnson supporters, or thousands of people who voted for thousands of different hypothetical candidates.
      Going back to the game show analogy, there could be anything behind the curtain of ‘other’. It seems as though Ron Paul supporters want to decry the poll as biased because of his absence yet want to claim it as a sign of his net-roots support, all without access to the hard data. While I can understand the emotional reasons that a person would have for believing that Ron Paul = ‘other’, I don’t see a way with the poll’s current setup to say anything definitively other than Ron Paul supporters like to leave comments regarding poorly constructed polls.

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