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Throughout the history of this blog, I have always stressed that in order to reclaim our country we need to elect limited government conservatives.  Earlier today, I had the opportunity to speak with Matthew Berry, a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in the 8th district.  Over the last week or so, he has been seeking the endorsement of conservative Virginia bloggers, and has already gained the support of Bearing Drift, On the Right, and many more.  Although his campaign website is a wealth of information, I wanted to learn a bit more about him.

Besides being articulate and quick-witted, Matthew Berry also shares my commitment to a limited, constitutional government.  He advocates fiscal responsibility through tax and spending cuts and the abolition of earmarks.  Other important issues include: protecting the rights of the unborn, repealing Obamacare, and eliminating excessive agricultural subsidies.  As stated above, if you would like additional information, please visit his website found here.

Therefore, I’m pleased to offer my endorsement of Matthew Berry for the House of Representatives in the 8th district of Virginia.  I encourage all citizens to vote for Matthew Berry in the straw poll at the Republican Convention today (May 22) in Alexandria, in the Republican primary next month (June 8), and in the general election in November.  Remember that only by electing candidates who share our values can we hope to create real and meaningful change in our government.

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  1. I sort of favor Patrick Murray, as a veteran, but Berry is also great, and I’ll support the winner of the 08June primary to the fullest extent possible.

  2. Not being a citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia, I have little stake in this directly, but anything which brings us back towards a proper respect for constitutionally limited government and individual liberty is fine by me.


  3. Patrick Murray and Matthew Berry are both mostly conservatives. Murray perhaps gets the edge in his support of federalism and mentions the 10th Amendment at every occasion.

    The few issues that separate them are mostly social. Murray supports traditional marriage while Berry is in favor of same-sex marriage.

    And Berry has pre-judged the DoD study on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell calling for it to be changed immediately after the study is complete without regards to the results. Murray says he wants to see the study’s results and evaluate them in terms of the three Rs: Recriutment, retention and military readiness.

  4. Sundance,

    I think you’ve misheard your info. Matthew wants to wait for the DoD Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell study as well. Murray even posted youtube videos that PROVES this. You can’t just assume because of his sexuality, he wants to forgo process. He’s not trying to push a sexual agenda, and wants to ultimately do what’s best for the military regardless of his personal life.

    Beyond that you sound like a Murray staffer. Who the heck else would remember the “3 R’s.”

    Finally, if we’re going tit for tat, Berry is upfront pro-life. Murray is pro-choice and now dances around the issues saying he’s not for labels as you can see in the video here:

    And don’t let Murray try and say he’s not. He had NO problem back in February with telling that he was:

    Just something to think about.

  5. Just reviewed the utube. Mostly a quote from Berry, but not exactly as i didnt transcribe: “I support the DoD study on Dont Ask Dont tell. We need to wait for the results and then change the policy.” Sure sounds like he has prejudged the study and wants to repeal Dont Ask Dont Tell to me.

    I am a veteran. Everyone who has ever worn the uniform of our country knows by heart the 3Rs. It is drilled into you from day 1.

    And Berry told Campaigns and Elections Magazine he supports gay marriage as well. That might be a problem with conservatives. But i think he is acceptably conservative on many other issues.

    1. i’m a combat veteran ms. sundance, and these 3 r’s of which you speak are bogus… from day 1 in basic and then ait we are taught to shoot, move and communicate… these 3 r’s of yours sound like non-combat pog beeehotch nonsense… no one drills recruitment or retention into anybody… that is the desk work for fat officers in air conditioning… and i wouldn’t vote for one.

  6. I’ve endorsed Murray, as you’ve seen, but Berry certainly would be an upgrade over the corrupt tyrant Jim Moran as well. I’ll work to help Col. Murray win on the 8th, but after that I’ll support the nominee against Moran, no matter which guy it is.

  7. I have to wonder about Berry and his partner “Josh.”

    Do we really consider gay men to be true social conservatives these days?

    I am a Christian and while I do not believe we should shun gay people, I also do not think that we Republicans should choose them as our candidates to represent our family values conservative agenda. How can we say this man is a true conservative?

    I notice that other than being openly gay, Mr. Berry does not tell us what he thinks about gay marriage or civil unions. Is he for gay marriage? Isn’t even the ultra liberal Moran opposed to that?

    I may be a simple Christian person, but I think marriage should be reserved for the union of a man and woman.

    I really do not think I can vote for Mr. Berry. I wonder how many other conservative Christians in the district feel the same way.

  8. After reading the other comments – I have my answer!

    Berry supports gay marriage. Small wonder since he is a homosexual that lives with his homosexual life partner Josh!

    I am voting for Murray!

    I just don’t understand how so called conservatives can be supporting Mr. Berry. A core principle of the conservative Christian movement is standing up for marriage as the union of a MAN and WOMAN! Not a MAN and MAN!

    I am so glad I read the other posts and plan to spread the word at church this Sunday so that other Christians will no the truth. True Christian conservatives will not support this person.

    1. Thank you for your comments Mr. Kayne. I should start off by saying that I, like you, support the idea of one man/one woman marriage. Back in 2006, I openly supported the Marshall/Newman Amendment to the VA Constitution. I outlined my thoughts on this issue earlier and I refer you to my post Conservative Politics. Gay Politics. When it comes to marriage, although I’m not 100% sure, that is likely one topic on which Mr. Berry and I disagree. Nevertheless, when taken in the broad scope of all of the issues, I believe both Mr. Berry and I share the wish to reduce the size and scope of the federal government to its constitutional limitations.

      I am aware that some social conservatives cannot or will not support Mr. Berry…though, on the other hand, you should remember that he is the only pro-life candidate in the race. Only rarely can one find a candidate with whom you agree completely. When you find someone at 95% or so, strongly support that person for he or she is still head and shoulders better than the vast majority of the field!

      For the reasons stated earlier, I believe Matthew Berry is the best candidate in this race. Please feel free to respond.

  9. As a church going small government conservative of the constitutional ilk, I’m finding this thread quite amusing.

    The Lord has mandated that we minister the Lord’s word. It is my personal opinion that the gay lifestyle is off the path. However, it is my job to minister all that the Lord sends me and that goes to the abortion issue, too.

    We will all be judged by our works. There are many who call themselves “good christens” who want to relegate the ministering duties to government. They are sinners guilty of sloth trying to get government to do their ministering for them or at least reduce the need for their active participation in the Lords work. Presumably, so they can do more important things like watching the devils tool.

    The devils tool builds on this sin leading these sinners further down the path. It twists gay marriage and abortion into wedge issues to promote one side of a two party cabal which does not have their best interests in mind. The devils tool for a fee gets them to vote for the lesser evil and thus tricks many into supporting evil.

    VirginiaConservative, sometimes you get dangerously close walking the line in your posts. You cannot have it both ways. Expanding government controls and infrastructure for issues that you support like “protecting the life of a fetus” and still preaching smaller government. This is a moral decision that the Lord gave everyone to make personally so they may be judged. We can minister, but in the end the Lord gave them free choice, too. It is very presumptuous to play God through government as it leads to the sin of arrogance and tyranny.

    We are all sinners. Arrogance is a sin I know all to well. The Lord has taught me some harsh lesson you can be sure.

    Let’s discuss gay marriage. There are three institutions of marriage. There is the contract between the TWO parties which I believe is the only one the Lord is concerned with. The moral decision on how it to define marriage seems to have been ambiguous for as reason (think test). It is not our decision to make (remember arrogance). Then there is the social contract. This is where the church weighs in. Then there is the legal contract which government is involved in for health care coverage and property division. There needs to be separations between all three for some obvious reasons. The devils tool blurs all three lines on purpose to instigate a political goal and no good can come from that.

    Take away choice by force and it negates the Lord’s test. We will all be judged by our works. Choose carefully.

  10. I thank the Virginia Conservative for acknowledging that the Mr. Berry’s homosexual life-style and his support of gay marriage is an issue. I also acknowledge his point that we cannot expect to agree with the positions of a candidate 100% of the time.

    But I respectfully beg to differ about the assessment of how much weight should be accorded to Mr. Berry’s pro- gay marriage position. As a Christian conservative, this is a big deal in several respects and I cannot support any candidate that is in favor of it. Do you really think that the one party in this country that stands for traditional values should endorse homosexual candidates to represent the party? Do you thinks that legalized gay marriage is something that the Republican party should be endorsing. These are core principles that separate us from the Democrats! For me and other Christians, these issues are much larger than a 5% disagreement.

    In addition, as I have read more in the last day, I also question Mr. Berry’s commitment to other core conservative principles such as fiscal responsibility and his commitment to a limited Federal government consistent with my (our) beloved Constitution.

    Mr. Berry was a pretty typical Washington bureaucrat as General Counsel of the Federal Communications Commission. Mr. Berry’s expenditures for his department grew each year he was there. He did not cut waste from the federal budget, but added fat to it.

    Mr. Berry claims responsibility for the re-authorization of the Patriot Act. While we can all agree that this Act had many good provisions, conservatives must acknowledge that the Patriot Act also greatly enhanced the power of the federal government. As a true conservative, I am concerned whenever the federal government seeks to enhance its power (possibly in violation of the Constitution) to interfere with Americans’ right to free speech, the right to bear arms, and rights under the Fourth amendment to be safe in our homes free from government invasion. Even though I , as I am sure other conservatives were, comfortable that federal power would not be misused against true Americans under the watchful eye of Dick Cheney, things have changed. Can we really trust Obama to use his expanded power in a responsible manner especially given that he is diametrically opposed to every thing we stand for? Is the Tea Party going to be deemed a terrorist threat to be infiltrated? Mr. Berry should be called to task for his short-sightedness.

    While I general agree with the Virginia Conservative, I have to respectfully disagree that Matt Berry is the best choice and pray that he is not our candidate.

  11. Gay marriage is a propaganda red herring wedge issue used by false prophets to draw people off the Lord’s path for personal gain and power. The bible warns us not to be fooled by such behavior yet millions of Christens march in lock step to the beat of corporate propaganda (think FOX). The devils tool of propaganda is powerful and should never be underestimated as an influence in our lives and the lives of our children.

    As I have outlined there are three institutions of marriage. The only one that matters to us as Christens is NOT under attack and that is the contract or agreement between you and your wife. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want the other two institutions in my bed room telling me what I can and cannot do. That is between a man, a woman, and the Lord.

    Propaganda is easy to spot once you start looking. Ours is a Lord of order. Anything that creates ciaos or fear in your life is the work of a different master. People who are so afraid of gays calling themselves married that they run into the voting booths choosing the lesser evil are under the influence. It doesn’t matter what gays think or call it. In the end it is between them and Lord. As Christians we have to focus on making good decisions in our lives and stop meddling in the lives of others through government.

    I don’t care about wedge issues. What matters to me are the actual actions towards preserving the values of the Constitution. If they have a track record for supporting the Patriot Act or otherwise show distain for the Constitution; they must go. If they had anything to do with the changing our gun rights into privileges; along with the NRA they must go. If they steal through the issuing of corporate welfare in its many forms; they must go. The Republican Party must clean house of the old guard if it is to ever have credibility on these issues again. Go tea party!!!!

  12. True Conservative says, “As Christians we have to focus on making good decisions in our lives and stop meddling in the lives of others through government.” Face it, TC, living in society means “meddling in the lives of others.” Using your voice in this forum to discourage people from being politically involved is to be the devil’s tool (at worst) or simply hypocritical (at best)! I prefer to believe that you just didn’t recognize that politics is “applied theology.” Go Tea-Party!

  13. Peter, I don’t know where you get the idea that I discourage political involvement. What I discourage is blind following. The Lord gave us intelligence (OK some of us), free will, and guide lines to follow. What you personally do with them is what you will be judged on. It is a conservative concept call personal responsibility. You can turn on the tube and let someone else tell you how to think. If your works are based on bad advice you will be judged accordingly. Choose wisely.

    All men can be tyrants if you let them. So what would you force the rest of us to do if you controlled the jack boot of government? Believe me power is intoxicating. How far are you capable of going? Are you capable of being a benevolent dictator or just a dictator?

    How would you like it if someone of another faith was given the power to force their moral values on you? I think you would object as your rivals now object. No one likes being told what to do. Do on to others as you would have them do on to you. Seems like good advice to me yet many rush across that line without thinking.

    Separating church and state was necessary to keep the piece. Most of the founding father fled such persecution in Europe. They understood what many now forget. Applied theology is just a rationalization for agressive behavior.

  14. Let me annunciate that last sentence a little better.

    You are using the term applied theology as a rationalization for aggressive behavior.

    When I minister I’m using applied theology. I don’t threaten with force. Force is futile. I cannot get my points across to anyone who doesn’t want to listen. It is a waste of my time and theirs. If I come at them aggressively, I will defeat my own purpose and the message will be lost.

    Praise the Lord and Go Tea Party.

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