Love Deterred

Love Deterred

A Poem by Joshua Huffman



It is an amazing feeling

An exquisite pain

That reaches to the depths

Of one’s very soul

It tempts you to rip out your heart

In a vain attempt to escape the agony

Or, at least, to hide someplace safe

Where no one else will ever look


Love brought you to this abyss

In all of its unrequited glory

Yet this marvelous same affection

Made you feel alive

A blanket of comforting joy

And led you to rediscover

The best things of life are found

In the warm embrace of love


Yes, today may seem bleak

And tomorrow not much better

But life will improve

This pain will one day fade

Replaced by the promise of love

Mingled with the hope of a bright future

Yes, life will get better

They say that love finds a way

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