Kortney Blythe Gordan: In Memory

1983-2011 (Image from SFLA)

A few moments ago, I received word that Kortney Blythe Gordan has died as a result of injuries sustained as a result of a car accident.  Now who was Kortney Gordan?  Well, I ‘m sure she was many things to many people, but to me, she was a pro-life activist.  Since June of 2010, she held the position as the field director for the organization for Students for Life of America.  If you would like more detailed biographical data, you can find on the SFLA website.

To give you a bit of background information, from January to March of 2007, I served as a field agent for Students for Life in the state of Tennessee.  As you can tell, my brief time with that organization took place before Kortney’s involvement.  Fast-forwarding, in the latter half of 2010, Kortney and I shared a few emails and maybe a phone call or two as SFLA prepared for their now annual conference in Knoxville, TN.  As I was in the area already, visiting family outside of Knoxville, I ended up stopping by the conference to say hello.

As you can tell, I wouldn’t really say that I knew Kortney very well, for all we had were those brief encounters.  Nevertheless, it does sadden me to see a fellow pro-life activist fall in the line of duty.  Adding to the tragedy, Kortney’s unborn child also perished in this accident.  Furthermore, Jon Scharfenberger, another SFLA employee and passenger in the car, survived but is in critical condition.

Tonight all I ask of you is to pray for the friends and family of Kortney Blythe Gordan as well as for Jon.  Let us hope that those who care for Kortney receive comfort for their sorrow in these dark hours.  Let us pray that Jon recovers from his wounds.

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