Just Because Life is Short…

Image from cnbc.com
Image from cnbc.com

Normally, when one hears about a website getting hacked and their data compromised, one cannot help but feel sorry for the company and their customers.  However, I can’t say as I have any sympathy of the news of the latest breech.

Ashley Madison is a company who specializes in martial infidelity and whose slogan is “life is short.  Have an affair”.  As you might imagine, many of the people who engage their services would like to keep their information private.  However, now some of the personal data for their 32 million users has been made public.

As one example, supposed “family values activist” Joshua Dugger apparently used Ashley Madison’s services earlier this year despite the fact that he was married at the time.  You do have to wonder.  Once the dust settles, how many more famous names will come to light?

Although I firmly support the right of individuals to be secure in his or her privacy, it is hard to feel bad for people who are or were actively cheating on a wife or on a husband.  In my mind, infidelity is one of the worst acts a person can do; it destroys a fundamental trust and erodes the family, a key unit of society.  Although it may seem like a good idea at the moment, ultimately it hurts the person who does it, it hurts the spouse, and, yes, it hurts the children too (if any).  As it is written in the Bible, “But the man who commits adultery is an utter fool, for he destroys himself.” Proverbs 6:32 (NLT).

It seems that as the posting of this article, the Ashley Madison website has been taken down, at least for the moment.  Nevertheless, given that they have been comprised once, it seems highly unlikely that future cheaters will employ their services due to a very real fear of getting caught.  As Trish McDermott said, Ashley Madison is a “business built on the back of broken hearts, ruined marriages, and damaged families.”

Although I have never been married nor have committed adultery, let me offer a bit of advice; just because life can be short, do not fall for the temptation of having an affair for it could very well ruin your spouse, your family, your morals, your reputation, and yourself.

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  1. Wasn’t this Josh Dugger MALCONTENT a home-schooled, “Christian” kid????? I’ve had some personal experience with home-schooled, “Christian” kids along with their parents. These revelations about Josh Dugger DO NOT SURPRISE me in the least! Basically, I’ve come to expect this type of “bizzaro-world” behavior from home-schooled, “Christian” children AND their parents! There is an inherent arrogant, narcissistic, and sometimes delusional psychological strain that tends to run deep in many of these people!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Michael Lam, I am responding to your comment as a former homeschooler. I was brought up in a household where the scriptures were taught and lived out. If a child is trained properly, the child should abhor such acts as Josh Duggar committed. I honestly think it had to do with training in Josh Duggars case. Also the part about homeschoolers inherently being misfits is a bunch of bs. That has do do with training too.

      1. Training????? Well, I certainly was not home-schooled, and my parents DID NOT have to “train” me to understand that molesting and/or raping another human being IS WRONG. My parents DID NOT have to “train” me to understand that marital infidelity IS WRONG. My parents DID NOT have to “train” me to understand that digital identity theft and invasion of privacy IS WRONG. Here’s the newest revelation about “good Mr. Dugger” — http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3207100/Josh-Duggar-s-scandal-nightmare-DJ-Matthew-McCarthy-photo-used-create-star-s-fake-OK-Cupid-profile.html.

        I fully stand by my opinion that, in my personal experience, many home-schooled children and their parents have a strong psychological tendency toward arrogance, narcissism, delusions, and paranoia. Josh Dugger is a PERFECT, factual example backing up my opinion!!!!!

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