Inaugurating Racism

So I didn’t watch yesterday’s inauguration.  Then again…I’ve never watched an inauguration.  Why break a trend?  Personally I feel that fancy inaugurations are a waste of both time and money and this one was slated to be more lavish than any prior.  However, my cousin was not so lucky as he was compelled by his university to witness the event.  Afterward, he directed me to a YouTube clip of a prayer.  I thought it was lengthy and rambling, so I didn’t pay too much attention to the words.  In closing the pastor, Rev. Lowery, made several remarks you should hear for yourself.

Glad to see that liberals still try to divide us by race.  Pretty sure that if I talked about the “yellow” and “red man” I’d be labeled a racist.  And what’s this bit about “when black will not be asked to give back” and “when white will embrace what is right”?  Give back?  Give back what?  The only thing I can figure is that he dreams of a day where black people will not be asked to give back anything to society.  I know that thought doesn’t make any sense so maybe someone can help me out here.  And is he suggesting the race of white people so wicked and tarnished that they are purely evil?  Will they hopefully turn from their ways at some point in the future?  Although only a day removed from Martin Luther King Jr. Day, this prayer is a far cry from King’s “I Have Dream” speech.  So much for a colorblind society, huh?  Ideally, don’t we hope to live in a country where people “will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”?  I know that I do.  As a side note, advancing racism through a position of power like the church or bully pulpit is particularly disgusting.  If a moment like this one heralds the trend of an Obama presidency, I weep for our future.

Update:  Apparently the majority opinion was that he said, “When black will not be asked to get back”.  That makes much more sense, though as far as I know that problem hasn’t really come up during my lifetime.  The civil rights movement put an end to forcing persons to the back of the bus.  It is interesting to note the cut to Pres. Obama’s expression.  He is smiling…up until the point when the pastor makes his dig at white people.  Watch it again if you missed it.  Although he has said nothing so far, it is good to see that he at least knows this kind of rhetoric is not appropriate.

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  1. He said “when black will not be asked to get in back.” I think he was attempting to refer to buses/Rosa Parks, etc… However, I too was offended by his comment about “white,” as my blog indicates.

  2. I believe he was reciting a civil-rights era chant, but still, I do agree that it was hardly appropriate given the idea of “unity” that was being put forth.

    One person’s unfortunate choice of what to quote on the occasion, HARDLY qualifies as “liberals still trying to divide us by race.” Perhaps, ONE liberal (is he even?) trying to divide, or perhaps one person who made a really bad choice of what to quote, but hardly indicative of “liberals” in general, NOR did this one prayer “inaugurate” anything, racist or otherwise.

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