In Memory of Terrence Boulden

Photo from Terrence Boulden's Facebook page
Photo from Terrence Boulden’s Facebook page

This morning, I received some tragic news.  Terrence Boulden has died.  Although I don’t believe I ever met Mr. Boulden in person, I certainly considered him a colleague.  Like many of us, he was a part of the conservative Virginia blogosphere, and he was the driving force behind the Virginia Black Conservatives.

Although our group isn’t large, we are all driven by a desire to promote our shared (and sometimes opposing) political viewpoints.  And today we are diminished.  It is quite possible that Mr. Boulden is our first loss since I joined the movement back in 2008.

Life can be short, life can be uncertain.  Last night, Terrence posted an image cheering on the San Francisco 49ers who were playing football that evening…and just a few hours later he was gone.  It was sudden.  It was unexpected.

His passing inspires a moment of reflection and a few thoughts.


It is impossible to live without regrets.  Nevertheless…

Live your life with passion

Live your life with love

Live your life treating others as you would like them to treat you

Live in such a way so that all can see your faith through your words and deeds

Live so that when the day comes that you stand before God, he will declare you his good and faithful servant


My prayers today are with Terrence Boulden, his family, his friends, and all those who his life has touched.  Rest in peace, my fellow blogger.

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  1. Terrence, although I didn’t know you personally, I thoroughly enjoyed conversing with you via Google chat and Facebook. My heart skipped a beat as I read of your passing. And still need to search through other sources to convince myself that it’s true. I will miss your insightful commentary and cheery banter. Rest in Peace, my friend. We both know you have been lovingly welcomed to a far, far better place than the one you have left behind.

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