Hutcheson Wins!

I’ve just received word that Bryan Hutcheson has won the Republican primary for Sheriff of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.  Congratulations to him for his victory.

I suppose that the high turnout that I witnessed played a heavy role in his success.  Although we are waiting for the official vote tally with the State Board of Elections, according to WHSV’s website Hutcheson won 3,963 to Boshart’s 2,414.

Once additional details become available, I’ll add more numbers and thoughts.

Update:  Daily News Record lists vote totals as 2,963 to 2,414.

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  1. You won’t be getting any results from the SBE–firehouse primaries, such as this one, are conducted and tabulated entirely by the party unit that authorizes them. Therefore, if we get any breakdown on the results by polling station, it’ll be directly from the county and city committees–or someone within them who has access and chooses to leak them.

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