Goodlatte on the Economy

Yesterday, Representative Bob Goodlatte (VA-6), who represents me in the House of Representatives, offered the following thoughts for the weekly Republican address. His major concerns focus on the economy and the need for a balanced budget amendment.

The passage of a balanced budget amendment has been a major focus of Representative Goodlatte for quite a while. Currently, there are two different plans for this balanced budget. One simply requires that expenditures not exceed revenue, while the second sets a specific federal spending cap of 18 percent of GDP. Whether this spending limit is too high, or too low, is certainly a matter of debate.

Well, here is Representative Goodlatte in his own words:

One Reply to “Goodlatte on the Economy”

  1. I don’t see how Goodlatte can point the finger at the liberal Obama or even the democrats — this representative has repeatedly voted for the budgets that fund Obamacare, and he historically votes for more spending and more subsidies — including actively supporting increased borrowing in the past decade. He thought nothing of increasing the borrowing limit of the federal government another $2 Trillion this summer, and tried to pressure real conservatives in the House to support that debt ceiling increase on behalf of Boehner’s dealmaking. Bob’s proposal and support for a balanced budget amendment — toothless as written, and even if passed would not be implemented until after 3/4 of the states approve…give me a break!

    A better solution would be for the 6th District rep to stand firm on no more borrowing, propose — and fight hard for — an array of serious cuts in specific agencies and across the board, and stand up for both free and competitive interstate and international commerce, and Constitutionally-protected liberties, while he reduces the size of the federal government.

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