Goodlatte On Immigration

Photo from Representative Goodlatte’s website

Recently, several news sources have reported that Representative Bob Goodlatte is changing his stance on immigration.  According to these pieces, Goodlatte is considering supporting some form of amnesty for illegal aliens.

For example, Politico says, “House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) says he sees ‘no reason’ why current undocumented immigrants shouldn’t gain legal status as long as Congress enacts tougher border-security and enforcement measures.”  They quote Goodlatte as saying, “‘If we can have a way to get [enforcement] up and operating, I see no reason why we can’t also have an agreement that shows how people who are not lawfully here can be able to be lawfully here – able to live here, work here, travel to and from their home country, be able to own a business, pay their taxes.'”

National Review points out that Representative Goodlatte’s website has recently been modified to remove his opposition to amnesty.  A line on his site from early 2013 which read, “we must not grant amnesty to individuals who have broken our laws” has apparently been removed and now discusses the issue stating, “we can all agree that our nation’s immigration system is broken”.

In response, less than a half an hour ago, the following statement appeared on Representative Goodlatte’s Facebook page.  “A few recent news articles have misrepresented my work and position on immigration reform. The need to reform our immigration laws is clear; however, I am opposed to amnesty and always have been. I do not support a special pathway to citizenship that rewards those who have willfully broken our immigration laws.”

It is curious to read these somewhat contradictory statements regarding Goodlatte’s stance immigration.  Will Representative Goodlatte end up supporting amnesty or some version thereof as the articles state?  Or will he oppose the plan as today’s statement indicates?

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  1. Goodlatte: “I do not support a special pathway to citizenship that rewards those who have willfully broken our immigration laws.”

    The key word is “willfully”. In his view (and Cantor’s)m children do not willfully break immigration laws. Thus the KIDS act, which does allow for pathway to citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants – and in many instances, tuition breaks for undocumented students.

    1. Interesting. But the idea of rewarding children for the unlawful behavior of their parents is not a plan I can get behind and will only encourage more illegal immigration.

  2. This seems typical of Goodlatte… One story for DC and his friends there, and one for the conservatives back home. Goodlatte knows we will put up with it and keep sending him back, why shouldn’t he continue as he has?

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