Goodlatte in 1992

GoodlatteThroughout my entire involvement in politics (1994 to the present day), there has always been one constant in Shenandoah Valley politics, Bob Goodlatte serving in the House of Representatives.  First elected over twenty years ago, Goodlatte has been re-elected ten times and, in many cases, unopposed.

On Sunday, I received a piece of campaign literature from Bob Goodlatte’s first campaign in 1992.  Rather than commenting too much on it, I’d rather just share it with you.  However, here are a couple of points of note:

1. He uses the slogan, “Republican leadership…for a change”.  Whether intentionally tying back to 1992 or not, Andy Schmookler’s campaign (his 2012 Democratic opponent) used the slogan “Truth…for a change”.

2. In 1992, Bob Goodlatte promoted the idea of a balanced budget amendment.  Although it hasn’t come to pass some twenty years later, it is still an important issue to him.

3. When it comes to foreign policy and national defense, it seems that this literature might be promoting a neo-conservative agenda.

4. Although many of Goodlatte’s 1992 supporters have disappeared from the political scene over the years, some are still active such as: Mark Obenshain who is now a Virginia State Senator, Morgan Griffith who now represents the 9th district for Virginia in the House of Representatives, long-time activist Trixie Averill, and Billy Kyger and Pablo Cuevas who both still serve on the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors.

Special thanks to Amanda for the campaign literature.


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