Good President, Bad President

So we are less than a week into President Obama’s administration and already he’s made several controversial actions.

First, the bad news.  Several days ago, the president reversed a long-standing Bush policy on refusing funding to international groups who either perform or promote abortions.  This decision is terrible for several reasons.  From a limited government perspective, the government should not waste taxpayer dollars on international aid.  Then, from a conservative perspective, the government should not be in the business of aiding groups who slaughter innocent children.  Thus this action, traditional from modern-day Democratic presidents, is immoral, wasteful, and is downright unconstitutional.

Next, the good news.  One of Obama’s first acts was the closing of the secret CIA prisons operated on foreign soil.  Although my neoconservative friends will cry foul, I really think that such an action will, in the long term, enhance U.S. security.  How so, you might ask?  Well, think about the situation from a reverse perspective.   What if the Russians or the Chinese set up detention centers in Lightfoot, Falls Church, Louisa, and Dayton?  Would you, as an American, support this plan?  How about if one of your friends or relatives were captured and held at such a facility?  Would you consider it a violation of his or her constitutional rights?  Would you harbor a grudge against the intruding nation?  Of course!  No self-respecting American would tolerate such domestic interference from foreign powers.  Now why should we expect citizens in other countries to think differently?

As he promised on the campaign trail, that’s a fair amount of change for week one.

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  1. are you serious, do you really think the idiots that are held in these prisons even have any family that support them?

    My GOD, you people are out of your mind. You would prefer that these terrorist live in your neighborhood? i didn’t think so, so quit the bull.

    1. Although it would be easy to dismiss my thoughts if indeed I was out of my mind, I’m afraid that I am not. I’m not saying that all jails should be emptied and their criminals dumped upon the streets, but rather it is not the job of the CIA to operate secret prisons in other nations. Nations have a right and an obligation to police their own internal affairs. The United States is not and should not be the policeman of the world.

  2. Ok, so you’re not out of your mind, I regress. But, the USA has been the police and it must be that way until the day when those hostile countries have the “ability” to control their own. Look to Iraq, how long would Saddam have continued along the same ole’ same ole’? He, nor anyone like him, simply give up without getting smacked in the head…it’s against their mettle.

    Take a look at Hamas…they hide among the citizens and the citizens can’t do anything about because they are scared. I imagine the militants are far outnumbered by the citizens, so why no retaliation?

    What are your thoughts, I really would like to know. Thanks

  3. Theoretically, NavSta Guantanamo Bay is American soil, and remains a working Naval Base, whether we imprison anybody there or not. That being said, I think its important to remember, that we’ve never before done anything like that. Sure we’ve had prisoner of war camps on our own soil, and we generally treated them humanely like detainees, not maximum security risks under lockdown 24/7 the way we have these guys.

    Initially, this was a convenient and pragmatic set up I suppose, but lets face it, were not winning moral points any more by perpetuating it, irregardless of what other countries or the self appointed Grand Poobahs of liberalism at the ACLU might think. Thay can all go to hell, as far as that goes. Its just plain immoral to keep treating even an enemy like this.

  4. As NavyVet said Guantanamo is US soil and I would rather have them held there as opposed to state side where they could be a target for additional terrorism. So far it has been reported that 61 of the detainees that have been released have returned to the battlefield. I am not sure I would want any more released.

    1. I wanted to write a bit here to clarify my thoughts. I think that when it comes to Guantanamo or related prisons, we should determine what crimes each detainee has committed against our nation, if any. We should not and cannot hold prisoners for no justifiable reason nor for the mere prospect of the possibility of crimes in the future. If we allow the government to hold foreign nationals indefinitely without being charged, how much longer will it be until our fellow citizens are treated likewise? If the person has committed a crime in some other land, let him or her be extradited to the offended nation so that he or she will no longer be a burden on the U.S. taxpayer. As the major fighting is now over, I think it best if each prisoner is either: A. moved to regular prison facility, B. released, or C. executed depending, of course, upon the charges and evidence.

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