Going Viral?

Earlier this week, I stopped by the campus of James Madison University, as I often do.  While heading back to my car, I happened across a fellow who was offering his theology to the students.  Given that he had attracted such a crowd and seemed to be riling folks up with his rhetoric, I pulled out my iphone and recorded a portion of his multi-hour presentation.

A few hours later, I discovered that my video had been picked up by The Blaze.  Although certainly not as promoted as the video embedded in the article, you can find a link to my recording as well as my name listed in the credits of a screen shot.  As a result, in the last 24 hours, this video has been seen almost 5,000 times on YouTube.

I’m not sure what constitutes “going viral”.  After all, the first video mentioned on the article on The Blaze has over 180,000 views in about the same time frame.  I’m glad that folks have found this video to be of interest, though I wish that our society valued political discussion as much as inflammatory speech.

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