Fairly Quiet On The Voting Front

As I mentioned in my last post, if you have any interest in the three statewide races here in Virginia, I strongly suggest you get to vote.  I just did.  The first thing I noticed when I arrived at Keister (my polling place) was the odd lack of signs for the candidates.  There were no signs for any of the governor candidates…none whatsoever.  This deficiency raises an interesting question.  If the candidates cannot motivate their supporters to actively participate in the primary process, won’t that hurt their chances in the fall?  As the lone exception, the Mike Signer campaign had a couple of signs and a person handing out information, but no other candidate had anything or anyone.  I asked the fellow campaigning for Signer where the other campaigns were.  He stated that the Signer campaign was the only one active in the city.  Intrigued, after I voted, I decided to drive over to both the Waterman and Spotswood polls, and, sure enough, Signer was the only candidate represented.  Having spent many an hour at the polls, I think that such active campaigning is a strong boost to a candidate, especially in a down ticket race like Lt. Governor.  Therefore, I congratulate the Signer campaign for their efforts.  As for specific tactics, I wished he didn’t keep using the word “progressive”.  I guess Democrats like that word, but for a conservative like myself, it conjures up all sorts of negative and unconstitutional connotations.  Anyway, as expected, the voter turnout was pretty low.  When I voted at 11:00 AM, the count was around fifty.

Should be interesting to see who wins.

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