Evil In Politics

rachel2I have to say that I’ve seen a lot on my political journey.  That’s one reason why I began writing a book back in 2013 which catalogs my various adventures and encounters.  Hopefully, you will be able to find this tome at a bookstore one day.

When it comes to my fellow activists and politicians, you can find quite a variety of positions and personalities.  Of course it is great to discover fellow liberty activists, but it is always refreshing to find some people who, motivated by the noblest intentions, are seeking to better the political environment, promote a certain set of values, and generally improve society as a whole, even when people with such traits happen to hold a radically different ideology.  There is certainly something to be said for civility and decency.

Unfortunately, I regret to say that I have discovered that such honorable individuals are a minority in the political sphere, especially when in comes to those who are in the high places of power and influence.  Whether it is using your influence to cover up drunk-driving or assault, to give taxpayer dollars to your friends and donors, or to bully others into silence or submission, these actions are all too common.  And, when a good person rises up, far too often he or she is either marginalized, defeated, or, worst of all, corrupted by the establishment.

However, the absolute worst people in politics I have found, the greatest evil, have to be the sociopaths.  Although I don’t know if they have been professionally diagnosed with the disorder, I have unfortunately had a variety of dealings with at least two individuals who I am fairly certain are sociopaths (or something quite similar).  Yes, they may appear quite charming at first, but that only masks their true nature; they are manipulative, deceptive, self-serving, without remorse, and completely devoid of empathy.  I’ve read that people with such personality defects are drawn to power like a moth to flame.

In addition, there are quite a lot of folks who actively ignore, cover-up, or rationalize evil committed by others.  In order to get ahead, they hide their boss’, staffer’s, or party’s transgressions.  Although quite willing to condemn an opponent for the very same behavior, in blatant hypocrisy they won’t speak against their own side unless forced to or they believe that such an action can be leveraged to their own personal advantage.

Although we’d like to think people enter and remain in politics for the right reasons, that ideal is often far removed from reality.  So, that begs the question.  Under such circumstances why would good people ever willingly choose to entangle themselves in such a morass?

Well, to borrow a quote that I shared about a month ago on Facebook from the film Batman Begins, as Rachel Dawes says, “What chance does Gotham have, when the good people do nothing?”

I know that it is easy to get discouraged.  But, whenever we find one of these rare noble men or women, still willing to stand up for what is right, no matter the odds or personal cost, we must rally behind them, not because it is necessarily painless or popular (because it is often not), but because it is right!

Yes, we can simply sit back and do nothing.  And what will be the outcome?  The government will continue to expand, taxes will continue to rise, and our liberty will continue to slowly erode.  The simple fact is that when good people refuse to get involved, when we leave governance to the worst elements of our society, the natural outcome is that the evil elements will win.

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