Escaping the Routine Republic

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Several days ago, Taco Bell released an ad of a dystopian society where everyone is forced to conform, eating the same breakfast day after day, consuming something that looks suspiciously like a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin.  The landscape is bleak and harsh featuring elements of a McDonald’s playplace; the residents walled off from everyone else, no doubt “for their own protection.”

Although the video is certainly unusual, it is also thought provoking.  What if we lived in a world where we have no choice in what we eat?  What if the government had the power to make that decision for us?  Reflecting further, how would we like it if our leaders restricted our options in terms of food…our speech…or our political freedom when it comes to who is allowed to participate in political debates or appear on ballots?  Thank goodness we live in a state and country where that doesn’t happen!

Anyway, see what you think of the ad.  I think it is clever.


Thanks to Keith Drake for alerting me to this video.

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