End this War!

In late 2011, the indie band Golden State released a single entitled “Bombs (The Ron Paul Song)”.  They sold this song on iTunes with the proceeds from the sale going to Ron Paul’s Super PAC.  Although I don’t know how much money they raised, I always welcome the opportunity to support fellow lovers of liberty and Ron Paul devotees.  True, I missed their big December promotion, but I did download a copy of “Bombs” earlier this month.  They have sort of a right-wing U2 vibe and sound to them.

As you listen to this song, I want you to focus on their oft-repeated lyric “end this war”.  To what war are they referring?  Even after watching the music video, it could mean a whole plethora of things: the war on terror, the war against our civil liberties, the war against the Constitution, the war for the GOP (the neo-cons/establishment vs. the paleo-cons/libertarians), the war on poverty, class warfare, race warfare, or even the war on drugs.  Unfortunately, however well intentioned, each of these so-called wars has led to many negative consequences: massive debt, an explosive expansion of the federal government, and the further erosions of our freedom.  So, isn’t it time that we finally “end this war”?

Well, without further commentary, here is Golden State’s “Bombs (The Ron Paul Song)”.  Enjoy and, if you like it, I encourage you to buy it on iTunes.

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