End the TSA!

Each month, new reports surface of some fresh outrage committed at an airport by the Transportation Security Administration.  Between revealing and potentially carcinogenic scanners to stories of old women and small children groped and humiliated as they prepare to board, one does begin to wonder when passengers will draw the line, say enough is enough, and stand up for their rights.

Although it is a disturbing thought to those who believe in the concept of a limited, constitutional government, it is likely that most people could stomach this affront to our liberty…if the TSA methods actually worked.  However, time and time again stories crop up of weapons sneaking on planes and major disasters narrowly averted.

As shown in this parody from several years ago, is our government run security little more than a joke simply used to harass?

Aren’t more and more citizens across both the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation as a whole growing to detest the overreach of the TSA?  When will the trampling of our liberty, the wasting of our time, the gross ineffectiveness, and the huge burden to taxpayers compel the end of this abuse of federal authority?

Toward this end, a fellow by the name of Tony Shin recently created a graphic illustrating many of these points regarding the TSA and offered to share it with the readers of this blog.  Hopefully, you will find the facts and figures contained within interesting and useful as well as horrifying.

TSA Waste

Is it time to finally end the TSA and return the responsibility of airport security to some private firm or the airlines and the terminals as was done for most of our nation’s history?  Or should we continue with this current expensive, burdensome, and unsuccessful course of action?

3 Replies to “End the TSA!”

  1. Keep up the good work Joshua. I am with you on this all the way shut them down. One among many Federal bureaucracies that need to be shutdown.
    The assault on our freedoms is unending.
    How bout the Marine who is going to be discharged because of his private personal face book page. If any one has freedom of speech it should be the guys fighting for it. I understand it has been military policy since the civil war era, but it should have never became policy.

    Take care and God Bless.

  2. I haven’t flown for over a decade now – and I never will for as long as these policies are in place. I donated $50 to the Campaign for Liberty and I suggest you do the same. TSA go away!

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