Elder Out in the 6th

Photo from staunton.va.us/
Photo from staunton.va.us/

Last night, Bruce Elder, the likely Democratic nominee for Virginia’s 6th district House of Representatives seat, announced that he was withdrawing from the race.  Citing health problems, specifically cancer, Mr. Elder stated that he could not continue and posted this announcement on his website.  Regardless of political loyalty, I hope everyone can come together and wish Mr. Elder a successful recovery.

However, with Mr. Elder out of the race, there are currently only two candidates remaining, both Republicans.  Representative Bob Goodlatte faces an intra-party challenger named Paul Bevington in the June Republican primary.  It is undeniable that the 6th district is very conservative, arguably the most conservative congressional district in Virginia, and therefore the June primary is exceedingly important for any voter who wishes to make his or her voice known.

However, will the winner of the Republican primary be unopposed in the November general election?  Will the Democrats field a new candidate?  Will the Libertarians find a worthy challenger?  Will an independent candidate make his or her presence known?

In the name of choice and political competition, regardless of whether he or she is a liberal, conservative, libertarian, or something else, I hope the voters of the 6th will have a choice in November.

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