Dour Cuccinelli

Whenever the Daily News Record contains an article about our Attorney General, it contains a rather dour-looking picture of him much like this one.

(Picture credited to Steve Helber of the AP)

I believe that if you knew nothing of Ken Cuccinelli, you would instantly dislike him solely based upon the above picture.  Here is a rather stern man who is almost scowling.  It is almost as if the picture says, “Oh no.  Hide anything fun. Here comes Captain Killjoy!”  Now I know that some of our liberal colleges likely view or would like to paint Attorney General Cuccinelli in such a light, but I believe that such a caricature is erroneous and shortsighted.  One must remember that one of our Attorney General’s primary duties is to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth.  Although doing so may make him unpopular in certain circles that is the task he is assigned to do and just because he does his job zealously we should not condemn him for doing so.

Going back to our recent newspaper article, not only does it feature a less amicable picture of Ken Cuccinelli, the article is entitled, “Clinics Fear Closure”.  Your gut reaction might be, “not our clinics!  We need those!”  When one reads the article however, fear gives way to reason.  What Cuccinelli is suggesting is that abortion clinics in the state should be subject to the same medical scrutiny that hospitals undergo.  Is this concept so fearful?  Shouldn’t all clinics and medical facilities be subject to the same standards?  If some facilities in Virginia are unable or unwilling to obey at least some minimal standard, then shouldn’t they be shut down?  Should the Hippocratic oath be completely ignored in today’s day and age?

Although some members of our community have sought to demonize or vilify Ken Cuccinelli, I know it stems from his willingness to fight for Virginia values and liberty.  Unfortunately, most politicians have learned it is easiest to do nothing.  After all, being ineffective ruffles no feathers and does not upset the status quo.  Fortunately, our Attorney General is not such a leader.  Sure, he is often a serious man, but it is not a somberness the average Virginian should fear.  My concern is that if you only rely on surface scans of sources like the DNR you likely don’t know the real Ken Cuccinelli.

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