Don’t Surrender to The Ecofascists

I, like so many others that I know, enjoy watching Super Bowl commercials.  Although most are forgettable, there are always one or two that stick in my mind.  This year, Audi’s “Green Police” was the most memorable and controversial of the day.  It has captured the attention of many conservatives like Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Senator Obenshain, and fellow bloggers such as SWAC Girl, and Virginia Virtucon.  I suppose if you didn’t watch the game (or was using the bathroom during the commercial), you should see it for yourself.  For the record, for those who don’t know, the theme for the commercial is a rewording of the song “Dream Police” by Cheap Trick.

In a recent email, the Attorney General calls the spot, “eco-funny…or not-so-funny”.  As Senator Obenshain puts it, the ad “would be funny if had been a little more farfetched”.  In recent years environmentalists have been getting more and more vocal and they are now relying on the government to enact their agenda.  From cap and trade, to the upcoming banning of incandescent light bulbs, to the regulation of thermostats in new homes in California, the green movement continues to flex their political muscles.  No longer simply content to “live in harmony with mother nature and her creatures”, some have become increasing radical, forcing their neighbors to adopt their lifestyles choices as well.  Such tactics mirror the fascist movements of the 1930s, and, like it’s historical predecessor, I fear that a police force designated to enforce this code of ethics can’t be too far behind.  Going through a person’s trash and spying on their activities in their own homes and yards without a warrant is not only an invasion of privacy, it is a clear indication of a police state, not a free society.  Although my critics will declare me to be an alarmist, without any safeguards, we will one day have a green police.  It will happen, and it will happen within our lifetimes.

Although Audi might think differently, after watching this ad, all I can say is “green has never felt so wrong”.

Update: For those who thought the green police commercial was “all in good fun”, two bills concerning plastic bag use have recently come up in the House of Delegates in Richmond.  The first, by Delegate Adam Ebbin, sought to fine plastic bag users a nickel for each bag used.  The second, by Delegate Joe Morrissey, intended to outright ban the bags.  Although both bills were defeated earlier this week, each of the delegates vowed to try again in the next session.

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  1. What I kept thinking was: Here is Orwell illustrated.
    Suppose that these nuts actually get to a point where they dictate what you can and cannot do, all enforced by laws enacted to make certan activities punishable by fine or imprisonment. This should be the scariest spot ever done, becaue it reflects exactly what the progressives, who are so adept at telling others how to live- while excusing themselves,… are really after.

  2. I don’t think it’s at all humorous, nor do I think you’re an alarmist – we are dangerously close to this kind of thing right now, and it’s something that people with a lot of political clout believe is enlightened and progressive. I know I’m an ardent believer in the virtues of the Union, but I’ll state categorically that if it came down to a choice between this and secession, I’d vote to secede in a heartbeat.

    And believe me when I say that instituting this kind of system is not at all farfetched. All that’s missing is the next logical step: the Green Army, to bring the New American Way to other nations that want nothing to do with it, assuming there are any left on this planet.


  3. And one more thing – it’s exceptionally creepy that this is being tied to public commerce, with the message that keeping yourself safe from the Police is somehow tied to purchasing a certain item from a certain company. That is actually the DEFNINTION of fascism: private industry in bed with a repressive police state apparatus.



    1. You hit the nail right on the head; fascism is a strong bond between government and industry. We have the best government that money can buy and you have just described the two party cabal.

      It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about Democrats (neo-lib-fascist) or a Republicans (neo-con-fascist); industry is always well represented at the expense of our personal freedoms and property.

      This commercial is a great example of neo-lib-fascism. To balance it out I would point out an example of neo-con-fascism; giving away our oil rights being held in trust to foreign owned multinational corporations under the guise of ending our foreign dependency on foreign oil.

      What concerns me is how effectively the neo-con-fascists have infiltrated the so called conservative party. I find myself correcting someone every week who mistakes neo-fascism as a conservative value.

  4. True conservationists, such as the Republican Theodore Roosevelt, would shake their heads at this advertisement. I consider myself a conservationist and I wasn’t pleased with it. The website for the ad campaign,, redirects to a YouTube channel with a few more videos in the same vein – bad attempts at humor with some conservation facts thrown in. All these ads confuse conservationist attitudes with a desire to run the lives of others, where true conservation seeks to promote the ability of all people to enjoy the earth’s resources. I think that the VA Conservative’s reaction is a bit alarmist, but I can see how this bad ad plays right into his heightened fears. I just hope that people don’t start surrendering their spouses to keep their Bridgestone tires or letting their cravings for Doritos drive them to violence toward others.

    I also found it interesting, given M’s observation of fascism’s combining of private industry and the state, that Virginia Virtucon (linked to from the original post) has a prominent sidebar advertising his posts on bringing a “Disney’s America” theme park to Virginia. Is Mickey Mouse a brainwasher for a ‘Disney-fied’ view of our nation, or is this a harmless form of entertainment?

    1. Frankly, I find Disney more than a little bit creepy. It’s “New Urbanist” Utopia in Florida called Celebration is a very VERY strange place, where I believe at one point people were being asked to waive certain constitutional rights in order to live there. But on the other hand, you can either go to Disney World or not go, at your option. The Green Police stuff is more about hankering after the power to impose a top-down system upon everybody, with no option. Sure, it’s just a commercial, but it’s indicative of a certain mindset that’s getting more prevalent in the world: that people need to be forced into conformity with the prevailing social consensus. That’s what makes it so offensive to me.


  5. I thought the ad was very creepy. So much of this stuff seems perfectly sensible to so many people that the idea that it could be a spoof did not occur to me.

    What I did think was, “no way I am ever buying an Audi.”

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