Distorting President Obama

Earlier today, a political activist shared the following video of President Obama’s speech in Brussels:

This segment certainly sounds troubling, doesn’t it?  However, rather than presenting the gist of what Barack Obama says, the creator of this video intentionally distorts the president’s words through editing to make him sound like a tyrannical despot, adding fuel to fear.

Now, some people hold to the view that lying or misleading the public in order to achieve a political goal is an acceptable tactic.  It seems increasingly common, an unsavory action used on both the left and the right.

It is true that President Obama has employed a variety of policies that step over the bounds imposed by the constitution, that erode our liberties, and expand the power in Washington.  For these things he should be rightly criticized.  However, crafting videos like the one offered above is not acceptable.  After all, although it may achieve some small short term goal, when truth becomes a casualty, over time all suffer; the political divide grows wider.

In case you are wondering in what context President Obama offered the earlier lines, you can find his full speech below.  Not surprisingly, he speaks against many of the ideas the above video makes you think he supports.

If something sounds to terrible or too fantastic to be true, chances are it isn’t.

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