Differentiating the Parties

10171024_10152772632113868_2118986644_nThis morning, the group Free & Equal shared this image on Facebook.

The sentiment offered in the picture seems to be increasingly held by more and more Americans…and it isn’t too difficult to understand why.

Many politicians say that the ballooning national debt is a serious problem…unless their party happens to be the one spending the money.

Many politicians say they oppose military conflict and nation building…unless the president happens to be of their party.

Many politicians say they are troubled by the erosion of our civil liberties through the NSA and TSA…unless, of course, they are the very ones advocating legislation or executive action chipping away at our freedoms.

For far too many activists and legislators, the only principle that they seem to follow with any consistency is that an action ought to be opposed when the other party does it, but praised when your own party does the exact same thing.  For these individuals, party has trumped both principle and logic.

Please don’t pretend you haven’t seen and heard it.  It is not difficult to comprehend that many of the policies Barack Obama ran on in 2008 have been cast aside in the same way President Bush did before him.

I doubt you remember it, but Mitt Romney crafted this ad back in 2008.

The line “when Republicans act like Democrats America loses” has resonated in my mind these last six years.  However, I also remember Romney’s 2012 foreign policy debate with Barack Obama when they both offered the exact same solutions to expand U.S. involvement overseas and fully embrace America serving as the world’s policeman.  It was like each was speaking in front of a mirror.

The simple fact is that when either the Republicans or the Democrats expand the size and scope of the government beyond the allowable limits of the Constitution, America loses.  These days, it seems like far too many politicians from both parties are recklessly charging in the same direction.

Is there a difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties?  Of course there is.  But this rank hypocrisy only seems to be getting worse in Washington D.C. and Richmond.

I know some voters have already reached this point, but what happens when a majority of us look at our Republican and Democratic options and shout, like Hilary Clinton exploring the causes of Benghazi, “what difference does it make?”

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