Denver Makes it Official

Yesterday, at the Silverback Distillery in Afton, Virginia, Denver Riggleman and his campaign formally launched his bid for governor of Virginia.  Spilling over into another room, about two hundred people or so gathered to learn about this fellow and his plans for the Commonwealth.  In his speech, Mr. Riggleman stressed that unlike his opponents, he is not a politician, but rather a businessman, former intelligence officer, and previously served in the U.S. Air Force.

Rather than highlight everything he said, for those who missed the event, The Richmond Tea Party captured Mr. Riggleman’s speech and shared it on YouTube.

Before and after his announcement, the campaign collected signatures to get Denver Riggleman on the primary ballot.  Each statewide candidate requires 10,000 signatures scattered throughout the various eleven congressional districts.

Inside, several other bloggers were in attendance including Stacie Gordon of Millennial Ascent and Steven Brodie Tucker of The Bull Elephant. Several leaders of JMU’s Madison Liberty group were there too.

Although many liberty-minded folks have coalesced behind the Denver campaign, I need to learn more about this candidate and his campaign before considering such a recommendation.  However, speaking of liberty-minded folks, it was great to see many activists I knew at the event in Nelson County, including several I haven’t seen for years.  In addition, the event served as an opportunity to finally meet some of my Facebook friends in person.

Some of you may be asking if the Denver Riggleman campaign will shake up the race for governor.  Well, given the turnout on Saturday, it seems that it already has.  The real question to ask is what kind of impact will they make between now and the primary?

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