Dems Attack Gillespie

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A number of conservative activists in Virginia have warned the Republican Party that if they nominate Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate, Senator Mark Warner will easily win reelection.  They claim that Gillespie supports the idea of a government funded healthcare program and thus will be unable to capitalize on one supposed glaring weakness of Senator Warner, his vote in favor of Obamacare.

Well, today there is a fresh attack ad against Ed Gillespie over this very issue.  However, it does not come from Shak Hill, any of his other Republican convention opponents, or Libertarian Robert Sarvis.  Instead, the salvo originates from the Democratic Party of Virginia; the Democratic Party declares Mr. Gillespie to be a hypocrite and claims that he will sell out if the price is right.  The website is available here.

The emergence and timing of this website raises a few political questions.  Does the Democratic Party simply assume that Gillespie will be the nominee, given that he is likely the frontrunner, and is getting a head start on attacking him early?  Or does the Democratic Party hope that Gillespie will lose the nomination and the Republicans select another candidate who will not have access to the fundraising tools that Gillespie enjoys?

Either way, I suspect that as we draw closer to the Virginia Republican Convention the number and variety of attacks from groups within and outside the GOP will only increase.

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  1. Ed Gillespie is a classic establishment politician with plenty of political baggage. But the national party has made it clear if we don’t nominate his ilk then they will not support Virginia Republicans. To get a real person in there instead of a stuffed shirt, Virginians will have to do it all by themselves. So, what are we waiting for! Let’s go! For me, it’s Shak Hill all the way.

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