Cuccinelli & Republican Coffee

CuccinelliThis evening, Ken Cuccinelli, the former attorney general of Virginia and 2013 Republican nominee for governor, wrote a rather interesting piece on Newsmax.  In it, he makes the claim that the Republican Party spends a lot of time and effort promoting candidates who don’t stand for what are supposedly Republican principles.  Mitch McConnell and Thad Cochran are two Republican politicians that he names specifically.

As Cuccinelli puts it, “the Republican Party is spending enormous sums of money to support these people, who are about not believing anything.  And that is the core of our problem.”  Mr. Cuccinelli goes on to add, “You can’t stand for anything, you can’t win that way.  In fact, you can’t win without it.  If there isn’t a reason to fight, the people won’t fight and they won’t show up.”

I believe that Ken Cuccinelli is quite right in what he is saying; the GOP sometimes nominates candidates who either don’t know Republican principles, are openly hostile to these values, or simply pretend and play the game so long as they are trying to get elected.

I must say that I’d be quite surprised to hear a current Republican office holder make a statement such as what Cuccinelli did in this piece.  Unfortunately, as long as a person is part of the system, they usually sit silently, saying nothing as their party nominates unprincipled candidates.  Ken Cuccinelli is right to say that Mitt Romney and John McCain are not conservatives, but why wasn’t this fact hammered home both before and after they received the party’s nod for president?

I’m reminded of a scene from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. (Warning a tad bit of language for those sensitive to it).

In the world of party politics, it doesn’t matter the fidelity of a candidate to principle.  Instead, it only matters that the party brand is sold to the voter, no matter how poor the product actually is.  And if you have the audacity to point out that a party’s candidate is, in fact, crappy, rather than improve their politicians, they remove the head of the messenger.

Ding!  The coffee is ready!

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