Coulter for Delegate

With news of the surprise retirement of Delegate Onzlee Ware, the citizens of 11th district in the city of Roanoke will have an opportunity to elect a new legislator to serve them in Richmond.

Photo from Caleb Coulter

I’m pleased to say that fellow liberty activist Caleb Coulter will be seeking the Republican nomination for this office.  I have known Caleb for several years and believe that he possesses both the principle and integrity that are sorely needed in all levels of government.  That’s why I was glad that he was elected to represent me as a delegate to the Republican National Convention at Tampa in 2012 and also why I believe he would make an excellent candidate to serve the citizens in our state government.

The Republican primary for the 11 district will be held in just two weeks, on December 10th.  Therefore, I strongly encourage you to visit his campaign website and his Facebook page now to learn more about him and ways you can help him become a delegate.


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