Constitution Day!

Today, ladies and gentlemen, is Constitution Day.  It has been 222 years since the Constitutional Convention adopted our Constitution.  Despite the massive (and unconstitutional) growth of the federal government since that time, we would do well as free citizens to take a bit of time to reflect on the document.  As such, if you’ve never visited The 10th Amendment Center, I strongly encourage you to clink on the link today.

Now, although the day may pass with little fanfare in many parts of the country, I’m pleased to say that citizens of the Virginia Peninsula are marking the occasion.  Tonight, at Merchants Square in Colonial Williamsburg, citizens will gather to celebrate this founding document.  It pleases me to know that at The College of William & Mary, my alma mater, students from the College Republicans will be in attendance.  But what’s this?  You don’t have your own copy of the Constitution?  Find Delegate Brenda Pogge (R-96) who freely gives them out or visit either the James City County, York County, or Newport News Republican Party headquarters.

So tonight your task is threefold.  Reread the Constitution, reclaim your rights, and (if there is a gathering in your area) party like its 1787!

3 Replies to “Constitution Day!”

  1. When questioned as to what kind of government he had given us, Benjamin Franklin responded: “a republic if you can keep it.” What we need to consider now is whether we are more concerned with safety and economic security or freedom. If we decide as a society to put freedom last then our constitution will not be worth the ink with which it was written.

  2. Franklin also penned or said something to the effect that,a people who would scarifice their liberty and freedom for a little security, deserve neither.

    If thats not inscribed some where in the Capitol, it should be.

    My “Betsy Ross” flag is flying proudly from the halyard today above the Rattlesnake jack. I normally reserve her for Washingtons birthday (not President’s day) and the 4rth, but this year for some reason, feels different.

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