Conservatives Against Allen?

A few moments ago, I received an invite to a new Facebook group.  Normally, I just ignore such requests as my inbox is flooded with all sorts of nonsensical junk, but this particular appeal caught my eye.  The name of this group is “Republicans Against a George Allen comeback” and bears the following picture.

Although I cannot tell how fast, or if, the Facebook group is growing, or can I see the entire list of supporters, it currently boasts 93 members.   Believe it or not, anti-Allen rhetoric in Republican circles is not a new trend.  Many years ago, during a political rally some group passed around fliers questioning his pro-life position.  Besides the abortion issue, this Facebook group questions his record on gun rights, property rights, and homosexual rights.

Now that contenders are starting to appear for the 2012 Senate Race, former Senator and Governor Allen is named as a possible candidate.  According to the information I have gleaned, there are currently three likely candidates:  George Allen, Bob Marshall, and Corey Stewart.  As a result, over at Virginia Virtucon, they are conducting a straw poll of readers and George Allen is running second behind Delegate and 2008 Senate hopeful, Bob Marshall.

So is this group a natural outgrowth of these camps starting to form or is there a significant number of conservatives who, like the picture states want “anybody but George Allen”?  Does this group represent the fringe or the mainstream?  I suppose it may be a little early to tell, but I’ll continue to monitor the situation to check to see how the numbers fluctuate and what other issues they raise.  But what do you think?  Is Allen’s star once again on the rise or is he merely yesterday’s news?  As a follow-up, are you pro- or anti-George Allen?

8 Replies to “Conservatives Against Allen?”

  1. I don’t see any problem with Allen’s credentials as a conservative. I think a more valid criticism though is that the GOP needs new blood, not retreads. Allen had 6 relatively undistinguished years in the Senate in which he played along with the establishment GOP that the voters have begun to resent.

    It would be nice if VA could find its own Rand Paul, but VA politicians are frustratingly milque-toast in their convictions (except for Cooch).

  2. This page has been up for months and only has ninety some people. Pathetic. Steve waters and that crazy woman donna holt are behind this because they are pushing bob marshall to run for senate. Steve Waters is a “consultant” who can’t get any real clients so he trolls for anyone stupid enough to pay him. Its pathetic. Interesting that they copied the graphics on the “draft george allen” page that has over 300 members in less than a week.

  3. George Allen IS the man to run. He was a great Governor and will win big in a rematch.
    90 people in 90 days? Same bunch of losers that helped to get him unelected.
    GO GEORGE!!!

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