Comparing Texans

Although Texas Governor Rick Perry has only been officially running for President for less than a month, one cannot deny the impact he has made on the crowded field.  He is considered the front-runner by many major news sources.  According to a poll released by Rasmussen Reports yesterday, he is the leading candidate in Iowa.  Some Perry supporters are declaring his victory a near certainty at this point.  But is such thinking premature? And, just as important, how well do we really know Rick Perry?

First of all, do I need to remind you that not a single vote has been cast in any primary or caucus anywhere in the United States?  Polls are a useful tool, yes, but they are not nor should they be the determining factor as to who will win.  After all, who was the supposed GOP front-runner four years ago today?  Rudi Giuliani.  At that time, John McCain’s campaign was in disarray.  Few thought that McCain would ever be able to wrest victory from him, but we all know what happened there.

Second, is Rick Perry the type of conservative candidate that we want and need?  After all, he started his political career as a Democrat.  Now given the transition in southern politics during this time, one can make the case that he switched political parties as the parties themselves realigned.  But far more troubling is Perry’s support of a $5.7 billion tax increase.  Adjusted for inflation, it has been called the biggest tax increase in Texas history.  The news doesn’t get any better.  What about Perry’s enthusiastic and active support for Al Gore during the 1988 Presidential contest?  Would many of us mistake Al Gore as the best choice?

Although there are admittedly good aspects of Rick Perry, one does have to wonder if he is the best standard bearer for either the conservative movement or the Republican Party given his political past.  If you truly support the Constitution and the ideals of limited government, shouldn’t you stand behind a candidate who has steadfastly done likewise?  Fortunately, we have such a choice.  Yes, he is a Texan, but his name is not Rick Perry.  It is Ron Paul.

Recently, the Ron Paul campaign released a video comparing these two Texans.  Watch and enjoy!

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