Christian? Vote Republican!

Around lunch time, I received word of an ad that the Augusta County GOP is running in today’s The News Leader.  I read an article about the ad online, but needed to see it for myself.  Therefore, after I finished eating I hopped in my car and drove to a gas station in Weyers Cave to pick up a copy of the paper.  Inserted in the middle, I found this image.

ScanWhen I heard of this ad, my first reaction was extreme anger.  I find using the lines “Preserve our Christian Heritage! Vote Republican” amazingly offensive as it seems to say that if you are a Christian and you care about maintaining a moral society then you must vote Republican.  Having worked for a number of Republican candidates and the party itself, I can assure you that not every Republican official and candidate has an interest in “preserving our Christian heritage”.

In addition, the ad seems to imply that if you are Christian then you ought to join your Christian brothers and sisters in voting for all of the Republican candidates.  As a Christian as well as an independent candidate in the 2014 elections, I would have been absolutely furious if the local Republican Party or one of their candidates pulled such a stunt, using religion to try to score cheap political points.  After all, being a Republican doesn’t necessarily mean that you follow the example of Christ.  In the same way, belonging to another political party or being non-affiliated doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be a Christian.  This ad is unfair at best and a pandering falsehood at worst.

No, the Republican Party does not have a monopoly on morality and the Christian faith.  For them to suggest otherwise shows that the Augusta County GOP leadership has very poor judgment.

Here’s another perspective.  Are you agnostic, atheist, Hindu, Jewish, or Muslim?  Apparently, according to this ad, you aren’t welcome in the Augusta County GOP.

I therefore condemn this ad and call upon the various Republican candidates representing Augusta County to likewise repudiate it.  How shameless can you get?

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  1. I have voted for some of these candidates in the past. Never again. I will leave blank if they are unopposed. I am a 59 year-old long Augusta County native, registered nurse, degree in education, artist, former military officer, and former Christian, now Atheist. I am straight, married to same man for 34 years, mother of two who supports marriage equality, LGBT rights, opposes racism. AND NOW AUGUSTA COUNTY REPUBLICANS, I OPPOSE ALL Y’ALL SELF-RIGHTEOUS FOOLS!

  2. Dude, all the problems our society and culture currently has, and you “condemn” this harmless political ad. Man, get a clue and get over your case of “offensive-itis”!!!!! Good grief, does everyone have to get “offended” at every little thing these days!!!!! Of course, rural Virginia and Shenandoah Valley Republicans are going to target Christians as their primary voting block because they are their primary voting block! LOL To pretend otherwise is completely irrational and illogical! Oh and just fyi – I’m quite sure that The Augusta County GOP Leadership is quaking in its boots at your “condemnation”. 🙂

    1. Blind voting would be the root of a lot of those bigger problems you want people to worry about. May seem small to you, however it is still a very important topic to address. Besides, most people have the capacity to think shot more than one topic at once.

      1. Ok, let’s explore your perceived “small, yet very important” topics to address! What are THE SPECIFIC topics that you think people have the capacity to think “shot more one topic at once”? I’m VERY intrigued, so let’s discuss! (in the name of LIBERTY, of course!) 😉

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