Campaign for Liberty…or Cash?

Upon the conclusion of the 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign, many of us within the liberty movement sought to continue the fight through various organizations, parties, and campaigns.  One organization that emerged, started by Ron Paul himself, was Campaign for Liberty.

Over the years, Campaign for Liberty has done a lot of good, working to educate the citizenry about a number of important issues including auditing the Federal Reserve; they also created LPAC, the Liberty Political Action Conference.  However, in recent times it seems as if the power, influence, and direction of C4L isn’t what it used to be.

For about the last six months, I have been bombarded by emails from this organization.  Each of them include the same pitch, asking for money.  Although I am well aware that groups depend on donations to survive, the frequency with which C4L sends them is quite over the top.  As a result, from time to time I have sent emails to the group regarding this issue.  Each has gone unanswered.

This week, I have received the same email on three separate days, each, once again, making a pitch for money.  In response, although I have been on their email list for over four years, I unsubscribed.  In addition, I sent them another message which, if treated like my previous communication, will have no response.

Good afternoon.

Today, I received a version of the same email from C4L that I have gotten these past two days. This is an email from Dr. Paul, my former boss.  I must confess that over these last several months I have grown deeply disappointed with C4L as it seems to me that you all ask for money again and again without really showing any tangible results…other than sending out requests for more money.  With all due respect, I don’t really know what it is you all do these days; I wish you all were more focused on grassroots activism, educating citizens and pushing them to get more involved in the political process to promote liberty.  In my part of the country, I have seen or heard nothing that C4L has been doing in the western part of Virginia since 2011.

Although I have been subscribed to C4L’s email list since October of 2009, today I am unsubscribing.  I thought you should know why I am doing so.

Let us continue to advance liberty.

Best wishes.


Joshua Huffman

Former Grassroots Director for South Carolina

2008 Ron Paul Presidential Campaign

Although I support the ideals of liberty as strongly as I have since my days working for Dr. Paul, we do have to realize that our time and resources are fixed and ought to be wisely allocated to groups that will use the judiciously.  I sincerely hope that Campaign for Liberty finds its place as a strong bulwark for liberty once more, but if all they seem to do is ask for cash day after day without tangible results, what is the point?

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