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For some reason that I don’t truly understand, I’ve been receiving emails from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee or DCCC.  Like most Republican emails, they implore the reader for money and are written by a variety of Democratic leaders:  Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, or Chris Van Hollen.  Regardless of the author, none are quite the same as those written by James Carville.  To fully illustrate my point, let me share with you the most recent words from the “Ragin’ Cajun” from May 26:

Joshua —

Remember when Sarah Palin threatened to take her lie-spewing, Obama-bashing, make-up-the-facts-as-she-goes-along freak show across the country to help her favorite Republican tea party extremists that are running for Congress?

Looks like Sarah’s summer of lies road trip has started.

Last week, Palin was in Idaho raising money for a tea party wing nut who didn’t even know Puerto Rico was part of the United States. This was one of her first stops this summer for these nut jobs running for Congress but believe me, it won’t be her last.

With the media closely watching how grassroots Democrats respond to Palin’s summer road show for all those tea party extremists, we need your help to make our grassroots goal of raising $225,000 before the critical filing deadline this Monday at midnight.

Contribute $5, $10 or more before Midnight Monday so we can show the world what we think of Sarah Palin hitting the campaign trail for all those tea party lunatics running for Congress this year as Republicans.

After one of Palin’s tea party crazies Rand Paul actually won a Republican primary last week, the media is closely watching her every move on the campaign trail. But while Rand Paul is busy digesting his own foot over bashing the Civil Rights Act, Palin ain’t even stopping to take a breath when it comes to helping more tea party candidates like him running in GOP primaries.

So far Sarah’s already helped over a dozen tea party lunatics running for Congress and she’s got plans to stump for a whole lot more this year.

We need to use the May 31st filing deadline to send the strongest message that grassroots Democrats won’t sit by on the sidelines as Palin tries to elect more Rand Pauls to Congress.

Contribute before Midnight Monday so we can show the world what we think of Sarah Palin hitting the campaign trail for all those tea party lunatics running for Congress this year as Republicans.

Sarah Palin’s doing everything she can to send her favorite Republican extremists to Congress.

Will you help us do everything we can to stop her?


James  Carville

Note the tone and information provided by Mr. Carville.  It is typical of his letters.  Absolutely nothing in his message is positive.  He doesn’t praise the accomplishments of President Obama and the Democrats.  Instead he uses his words to spread fear, hate, and to slander his enemies.  He is welcome to his opinions, of course, but is an email like the one above constructive at all?  Note his failure to actually address the political positions of either Rand Paul of Sarah Palin.  He uses highly demeaning terms like “Lie spewing…freak show…extremist…nut job”…and that is only from the first paragraph!  Unfortunately, all too often this sort of degenerative rhetoric is what passes for political dialogue in our country these days.  Worse still is the fact that Carville is not alone.  Pundits on both the left and the right have forsaken debate and rational discourse in pursuit of demagoguery and that fact is truly despicable.  Although personal attacks and character assassination without looking at the real issues involved is far easier that actually presenting a well reasoned argument, I strongly encourage news outlets, my fellow bloggers, political parties, and all citizens to forsake such people who engage in such a shameful and self-serving behavior.  Until and unless we do, our nation shall become increasingly divided, embittered, and ignorant.  It’s time for a change.

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